Factory & Warehouse Cooling

Commercial Warm Air Heating Services – Factory Heating Solutions (27,000 SQ FT)

March 2019


Fuel Type: Natural Gas


OKEL were approached in October 2018 by our client Cornelius who were in the very early stages of a new build project that would require a heating solution for the main open plan factory floor.

It wasn’t possible at the time of initial enquiry for OKEL to complete a site survey, given that the build was in the very early construction stages, therefore OKEL were reliant on working off plan to determine the customers’ requirements and to design a solution that would enable an estimate for the works to be submitted to the client without a site visit having taken place.

OKEL Solution

Considering all the information provided by the client and factoring in that the new build premises would have excellent insulation properties because of modern build materials, including insulated roof and walls, OKEL were able to propose heating the main factory floor with a high efficiency warm air and destratification heating system.

A design that totalled 300 kw of heat was presented to the customer and comprised of Winterwarm TR100 natural gas fired heaters that would be wall mounted and flued horizontally through the external walls to avoid any penetration of the new roof.

The characteristics of the heater models chosen (Winterwarm TR100) contributes to very low energy consumption and high energy savings are achieved in comparison to conventional unit air heaters. Favoured by many of our clients, the warm air heaters have rapid and effective warm air circulation in the winter months and the added advantage of a summer ventilation mode to provide continuous air circulation throughout the warmer summer months.

To prevent heat loss from above (10m to apex) it was essential to provide a heating solution that ensured the heat from the warm air heaters remained on the lower ground level where it was of most benefit to the work force and production processes. To reduce heat loss from above OKEL’s chosen model of warm air heaters came with the added feature of integral destratification that works by forcing heat back down to the lower level if the heaters gradient controls and temperature sensors identify that ceiling temperatures are becoming too hot.

In addition to the destratification feature of the warm air heaters, OKEL’s design included the introduction of Winterwarm WCU60 destratification fans evenly distributed at ceiling height to assist with an even spread of heat throughout the factory. The Carbon Trust estimates that the use of destratification fans in industrial buildings with high ceilings and operating a warm air heating system can reduce energy consumption by 20%.

Installation and hand over

As the new build project gathered momentum at the start of 2019 OKEL were introduced to the clients Project Manager who was overseeing the new build project, including the factory heating system – site meetings were then able to be scheduled so that OKEL could inspect the area to be heated in person and to discuss project timelines and requirements of the Principal Contractor who would be overseeing the build.


The successful installation of the heating system took place in March 2019, 6 months after the initial enquiry, and with all works being completed and commissioned to schedule.

A final hand over was completed at the end of the project to include all relevant documentation being sent to the customer, including gas safety commissioning certification, testing, and purging certification and electronic operating guides for the new system / controls.