Strongdor Case Study in Lancashire

Factory Heating

Strongdor’s existing heating system was struggling to provide sufficient heat to the large factory floor, especially during the winter months. 

The cold temperatures were negatively impacting the performance of machinery and the steel components used throughout the production of industrial steel doors. 

It was critical to ensure the new heating system allowed heat to remain on the lower ground level, where it was most beneficial to the workforce and production zones.

Strongdor's vast factory space.

OKEL’s Solution

After completing a thorough site survey, OKEL proposed a bespoke design consisting of Winterwarm TR150 and XR+60 natural gas-fired suspended warm air and destratification heating system to heat the large factory floor.

This system would provide 660kw of heat and the integrated destratification fans worked by forcing heat back down to the lower level whenever the temperature sensors identified hot ceiling temperatures.

The Winterwarm WCU100 destratification fans were evenly distributed at ceiling height to assist with an even spread of heat throughout the factory.

The Carbon Trust estimates that using these fans in industrial buildings with high ceilings can reduce energy consumption by 20%.

All Aspects Covered 

OKEL’s bespoke design included a summer ventilation mode to enable continuous air circulation when the outside temperatures started to soar in the summer months.

There was also a large shuttered entrance door that remained open for most of the working day which OKEL included a solution to combat heat loss for. 

Rather than fitting PVC strip curtains, which can reduce visibility for site traffic, OKEL chose to install an industrial modular air curtain above the entrance. This created a barrier between the warm air within the factory to the cold air outside

Winterwarm Air curtain as used by OKEL for Strongdor commercial warm air heating.
Strongdor factory space

Strongdor Results

Overall, the system was a success, providing warm air heating across the factory floor’s massive square footage. The added installation of the air curtain contributed to a substantial reduction in gas consumption, which lowered energy bills and improved the Carbon Footprint of Strongdor respectively.

“From initial contact to the commissioning team, OKEL performed at every level to ensure the designed heating and destratification system was seamlessly installed throughout our factory. 

Working in partnership with both their heating and electrical engineers we incurred minimal disruptions to operations and with the majority of work conducted 15 metres above the whole factory. 

It was a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable and professional business and would highly recommend them.”

Phillip Ward – Operations Director – Strongdor

OKEL’s Promise

When looking for commercial warm air heating solutions for your factory or warehouse, no site is the same and no project is too big.

That’s why OKEL conduct thorough site surveys in order to provide a tailored approach to your business’s heating needs.

OKEL plan, design and install bespoke solutions for your warm air heating needs and provide green funding leasing for optimal efficiency.

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