Quality and Safe Installations

Highly Skilled Commercial Engineers

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OKEL’s team of highly skilled lead commercial engineers each have over 25 years’ experience in their trade profession providing our customers with the confidence and reassurance in knowing that the installation teams assigned to our customers individual project have all the necessary trade qualifications and certifications for the works to be carried out on site.

Risk Assessment Management

As part of managing health and safety within your business it’s important that you control risks within your workplace to include when suppliers and contractors are asked to work on site.

By choosing OKEL as your preferred supplier you will have reassurance in knowing that OKEL are committed to providing our customers with Quality and Safe installations and we understand the importance of assessing workplace risks throughout and will work closely with you in the time leading up to the installation to ensure the right safety measures have been put in place. 

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Risk Assessment and Method Statement

A detailed risk assessment and method statement will be produced for your project prior to work commencing.


Local Site Induction

In support of OKEL’s risk assessment and method statement and prior to works getting underway on Day 1 we request that the customer provide the installation team with a local site induction.

The purpose of the site induction is to brief the engineers on any local site risks and/or procedures they must adhere to whilst working onsite; such as emergency evacuation procedures and Covid-19 site specifics.

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Asbestos Awareness

For premises built prior to the year 2000 there is a potential risk associated with the discovery or disturbance of harmful asbestos fibres particularly in old build materials and heating equipment.

OKEL’s commercial engineers attend regular asbestos awareness training and hold valid asbestos awareness certification so that they can identify whether asbestos is present and determine its type and conditions so they can take the appropriate precautions and HSE guidance.

Based on the findings within the asbestos register OKEL may request that the customer request the expertise of a specialist asbestos company to provide expert advice and guidance.

Working Safely – Coronavirus (Covid-19)

To continue to protect our customers and engineers from coronavirus, OKEL continues to follow the most up-to-date government safety guidance to help minimise the risk of spread

To support this guidance, we request that whilst working on site our engineers have access to washroom facilities to maintain regular hand cleanliness 

OKEL’s engineers will adhere to any additional site-specific local prevention measures that may have been introduced by our customer to further reduce the risks, such as temperature checks and lateral flow tests on arrival to site.

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