Restaurant & Retail Cooling Solutions

As a business, you want to provide an appealing shopping or dining experience for your customers. Part of that experience is the actual environment from pop-up retail units, to world-renowned shopping centres and food courts, nobody wants to spend time in a retail or leisure space that is too hot for comfort.

We provide the very best in air conditioning units and other cooling technology for shops and other retail outlets across the UK. We design, create, and install bespoke cooling solutions that work for you and your business. Contact OKEL today to discuss the particular features you need for your premises, or to arrange a free consultation with one of our experts.

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Why Choose OKEL?

Accredited Engineers

Tailored System Designs

Energy Efficient Systems

20+ Years Industry Experience

Green Funding Payment Options

Quality and Safe Installations​

We understand the importance of a safe environment for your staff and customers and by assigning your cooling project to OKEL you will have total confidence in knowing that our teams of installation engineers are all fully trained, qualified, and accredited for the work that they are assigned and come with many years of experience installing cooling solutions into your industry sector.
All of our lead commercial cooling engineers are fully registered with F-Gas and each brings a minimum of 25 years of experience to every job.

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Tailored Cooling Solutions For Your Business

While some companies are happy to provide an off-the-shelf retail cooling solution, we treat each installation as a new project, complete with its own unique requirements.

We will visit your shop in person to conduct a full survey of the premises and determine your particular cooling needs. Our engineers will use that information to create a cooling system that meets all of your unique specifications.

We assign a project manager to each of our retail customers, who will act as your single point of contact throughout the installation process. They will be there to answer any queries or concerns you might have and to provide you with regular status updates.

We design all our retail systems to be energy efficient, no matter what the layout or floor space of the building. From evaporative coolers to climate control air conditioning units, we do all we can to provide you with a cost-effective alternative.

Whether you run a small retail unit or a massive supermarket, you can depend on us to deliver a world-class cooling solution. We have years of experience producing the perfect system for any size of business – one that is easy to manage and simple to operate.

What are the Benefits to OKEL Solutions?

  • Bespoke Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient Designs 
  • Cost-effective Systems
  • Modern Low-Carbon Technology
  • Fully Modulated Technology 
  • Annual Maintenance Support Packages
  • Comprehensive Manufacturers Warranties
  • National Engineers Support

Our Process


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Pre-Installation Planning




Handover and Aftercare

Our Net Zero Commitment

With challenging targets being set by the government to steer the UK to net zero by 2050, it’s essential that as businesses we all do our part to achieve the stringent targets set out.

When planning our bespoke designs, we always have “Energy Saving” at the front of our mind which reassures you that your system is of the highest efficiency. This can play a key role in helping you showcase the steps you’re taking as a business to successfully achieve green accreditations and targets.

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It is not possible to provide you with an estimated figure for your cooling project without first understanding more about your business, most often established during a site survey of your retail space. The size of the retail space, its layout, and the number of staff and customers you expect to have on-site are all important considerations before we can design the right system.

All our installations offer a great return on investment and are guaranteed to save you money in the long term through energy savings and reduced energy bills. As part of our planning phase, we will provide you with a formal quotation for the most efficient and cost-effective design /solution for your retail premises.

As professional commercial heating and cooling specialists we know how much work goes into designing and fitting a fresh air-cooling system that works. It’s not something you should attempt without having the relevant experience, accreditations and insurance to carry out the work. 

Effective air-conditioning is about more than just fitting the equipment into the ceiling and hoping for the best. Each device needs to be properly positioned if your retail spaces are going to experience the benefits. We have the tools, the engineers, and the expertise to ensure you get a cool air solution that works for you and is correctly and safely installed to comply with the industry cooling regulations of F-GAS.

As with the initial cost, there are a range of factors that can determine how long the installation will take. A single unit fitted in a small retail premise might take only one day to install and commission, whilst a more complex system with multiple units to fit over several floors and departments might require weeks.

We are also conscious of how our work can impact your business, especially during peak shopping times. We work with you to put together a flexible timetable that works with you to cause minimal disruption to your staff and shoppers alike.

There are several reasons why your retail store might get too hot. These are a few of the most common ones:

  • People. From the smaller shop to the larger supermarket, retail spaces tend to be filled with people – shoppers, security guards, cashiers, and other store employees. That causes a lot of body heat to be dispersed in a confined space. It can soon cause your shop floor to heat up.
  • Equipment. There is a surprising amount of equipment on the average shop floor, all of which give off heat as a by-product. Freezers and chiller cabinets, electronic tills, store lighting, and more all contribute to increases in temperature, heating the air around them.

Lack of Ventilation. Many retail outlets suffer from poor ventilation, particularly ones that have been set up in older buildings. With no way to get fresh air into the building, the warm air is left to circulate, raising the heat and creating an uncomfortable environment for shoppers and staff alike.

Most businesses in the retail sector need some kind of cooling system for one of two reasons. The first is for their staff and customers, both of whom need an environment in which they can be comfortable.

The second reason is to protect their stock, be it on the shop floor or in a backroom storage facility. Whether you sell food, clothes, make-up, or electronics, you need to maintain the right ambient temperature to reduce the risk of damage.