Commercial Gas Warm Air Heating Systems

A commercial gas fired warm air heating system is the perfect solution for heating large, open-plan spaces such as factories, warehouses, and sports halls.


By providing an even distribution of heat throughout even the largest of spaces, gas warm air heating systems can help you avoid hot and cold spots, improve the comfort of your employees, and reduce your overall energy costs.

At OKEL, our expert engineers design and install custom gas warm air heating systems tailored to your exact needs. By combining cutting edge heating appliances with a setup that’s custom-fitted to your space, we can help you achieve an effective, energy-efficient heating solution.

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The Benefits of Gas Warm Air Heating Systems

Quick and efficient heating.

Gas warm air heating systems are faster and more effective at heating larger spaces than any comparable solution. As a result, you’ll need to use less energy to achieve the temperature you’re looking for.


As a result of their excellent energy efficiencies and fully modulating capabilities, gas warm air heating systems consume less fuel. That means you’ll save on your energy costs, while still enjoying a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout your space.

Versatile installation.

Gas warm air heating systems can be customised to suit any situation. No matter how large your space or how complex your heating needs, a gas warm air heating system can deliver a powerful and effective solution.

Low noise levels.

When installed effectively, gas warm air heating systems are extremely quiet. This is particularly important in busy spaces where it’s essential that people can hear each other easily for safety reasons.

Why Choose OKEL?

Accredited Engineers

Tailored System Designs

Energy Efficient Systems

20+ Years Industry Experience

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Types of Gas Warm Air Heaters Used by OKEL

At OKEL, we use a variety of heating appliances for our commercial warm air heating solutions – it all depends on the specific needs of your business.

We focus on providing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solutions. As a result, all the heaters we use are ErP-compliant, in accordance with the latest Eco Design Directive. They incorporate modulating premix burners and fans to reduce energy consumption and are self-modulating.

This allows the heaters to quickly bring up the temperature in the building by operating at maximum load, before reducing their output down by approximately 60% to maintain the optimal temperature. This approach significantly reduces fuel consumption, helping to limit your environmental impact while also reducing energy costs.

Our Preferred Gas Warm Air Heater Manufacturers

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winterwarm heater

We supply and install wall-mounted/suspended or floor-standing heater models for any size of commercial or industrial premises, ranging from 10 to 150 kw. We offer a choice of natural gas or LPG fuel types, depending on your specific needs.

Our Installation Process

1. Initial Consultation / Site Survey
You’ll be assigned your own project manager from day one and who will act as your main point of contact throughout the installation process. Their first role is to visit the site in question and speak to you about your individual heating requirements and perform a detailed analysis of your site to determine the most effective way to meet those requirements. This will include taking measurements and photographs of the area/s to be heated and to discuss items including fabrication of the building, temperature preferences, whether there is any heat-generating machinery on site, or perhaps extraction systems that remove warm air from within. In addition, details will be captured of any existing HVAC equipment that is installed on-site and to remain or be replaced as part of the project.
2. Solutions and Quotations
Our skilled and experienced designers will put together the most effective and efficient solution that fulfils all your commercial heating needs. These will be handed over to your project manager who will walk you through the option/s most suited to you, whilst highlighting their relative pros and cons. By this point, all the solutions will be fully costed, and we will be able to provide you with a detailed proposal and estimate, including details of our green funding business lease plans should you prefer to keep cash flow within your business. Once you have decided on the right design for you, we can get things moving.
3. Pre-Installation Planning
We take the safety of our engineers and that of our clients very seriously. Before we begin the installation process, we will draw up the appropriate risk assessments and method statements for the works to be carried out on site. As part of this pre-installation phase, we will also discuss timescales and installation schedules with you, so that we can ensure minimal disturbance to the day to day running of your operation.
4. Commercial Warm Air Heating Installation
The specifics of each installation will vary from one job to another. The location of the heaters and supporting equipment will be determined by our lead installer and to ensure optimal efficiency of the system whilst factoring in layout of the area/s and positioning of the incoming gas or electrical supplies. Depending on the size of the building and the complexity of the system required to heat it, this process can take anywhere from 2 days to several weeks for larger scale warm air heating projects.
5. Handing Over
Once the new warm air heating system is installed, we will provide a full hand over to include all commissioning certification and electronic operating and maintenance manuals. In addition, designated employees will be walked through the relevant controls, so they are able to confidently alter the settings as and when required throughout the year.
6. Aftercare
Once the new warm air heating system is installed, we will provide a full hand over to include all commissioning certification and electronic operating and maintenance manuals. In addition, designated employees will be walked through the relevant controls, so they are able to confidently alter the settings as and when required throughout the year.
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Customer Testimonials

Vicky Hall
Vicky HallPlay Centre Manager - The Ice Cream Farm
Read More
"I would highly recommend using OKEL for your business - the entire process has been highly efficient with excellent communication and very quick turnaround. Every staff member from the Operations team dealing with our initial enquiry through to the engineers who came to site to carry out works - have been fantastic, incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and polite. A special thanks to Katie, who is a credit to the company - we look forward to working with you again"
Neil Keane
Neil KeaneHead of Business - Jaguar Land Rover
Read More
"OKEL provided heating and cooling system throughout each of our Land Rover and Jaguar Liverpool dealerships. Works were scheduled at a time so as not to impact the day-to-day operation of our business and for minimal interference. The staff were professional and reliable; completing the project to a high standard - Many thanks to OKEL and the team"
Richard Williams
Richard WilliamsOwner - Richard Williams Upholstery
Read More
"Just had a new warm air heating system installed by OKEL into my workshop, I could not recommend them enough, from initial site survey to 1st class installation - thank you Mark"

Our Case Studies

Heating Strongdor’s 45,000ft² factory with a natural gas warm air system

Strongdor's vast factory space.

Strongdor’s large factory floor was proving a challenge for its existing heating system, particularly in winter. With cold temperatures impacting the performance of their machinery, they needed a more reliable solution to keeping the space warm throughout the year.

OKEL’s team conducted a thorough site survey and proposed a gas warm air heating system that would provide 660kw of heat while maintaining high levels of energy efficiency. This was paired with a destratification system to prevent heat from escaping from Strongdor’s high 18m ceiling space – Destratification is the perfect complement to warm air heating systems, as the fans help to recover warm air from above and ensure the heat is then evenly distributed at the lower level where it is of most benefit.

The result? A smaller carbon footprint, lower energy bills, and optimal heating all year long throughout their 45,000ft² factory. For the full details of how we helped achieve these impressive results, read the full Strongdor case study

Natural gas warm air heating system for Fortress Technology’s new business premises

Fortress Technology Europe installing their OKEL warm air heating system.

After locating to a new business premises, Fortress Technology Europe required an overhaul of the aging systems that they’d inherited from the building. The factory ceiling’s 12m height made keeping warm air at ground level a challenge.

After conducting a site survey, OKEL concluded that the existing electric supply would not sufficiently support electric heating. Fortunately, 165kW in spare capacity from the existing gas system made a warm air heating with destratification solution viable.

Read the full Fortress case study to find out more…

Our Net Zero Commitment

At OKEL, we are committed to helping businesses adopt a more environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to heating and cooling their premises. Every system we install, including all our commercial gas warm air heating systems, is designed with energy efficiency in mind. As a result, you won’t just enjoy reduced energy costs – you’ll also be able to take strides towards your own environmental goals.

With the government committed to a bold target of reaching Net Zero by 2050, we all need to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. By working with OKEL, you can ensure your business is well-prepared to achieve its eco-friendly aims and any environmental accreditations you’re seeking.


Additionally, all our equipment is hydrogen-ready, which will enable the blending of up to 30% hydrogen with natural gas when this hybrid fuel type becomes readily available throughout the UK gas networks. That means your business will be fully prepared for a greener future.


Most frequent questions and answers about Distratification Units

A commercial gas warm air heating system is an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way of heating larger spaces, such as factories, warehouses and sports halls. It uses natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to directly heat the air through a combustion process. This air is then spread throughout the space using fans built directly into the heating units.

Commercial gas warm air heating systems are a popular choice for businesses that need to achieve consistent temperatures in large, open-plan spaces. For factories and warehouses, for example, a commercial gas warm air heating system can prove significantly more cost-effective and energy-efficient than alternative solutions based on convection heating methods.

A commercial gas warm air heating system offers innumerable advantages for businesses with larger and more open premises. By allowing you to heat your space faster and more consistently, you can ensure your employees are comfortable all year round without the need for excessive energy costs. For factories and warehouses, it can also help to ensure your equipment operates at maximum efficiency.

Installing commercial gas warm air heating systems is a specialist task, and you will want to ensure that your engineer is suitably qualified and accredited. A domestic heating engineer will not have the insurance and gas safety accreditations that are needed to fully install and commission more complex commercial and industrial installations.

Further, you’ll also want to ensure that whoever installs your commercial gas warm air heating system can adapt the process to your specific needs. To achieve the best possible outcome, you’ll want a fully bespoke service that begins with a detailed survey of your site.

The specific cost for a commercial gas warm air heating system can vary significantly depending on a range of factors, including the size of your space to be heated and positioning of the incoming gas supply. You’ll want to seek a custom quote based on a full-site analysis to get an accurate sense of the cost involved.

How long it takes to install a commercial gas warm air system depends on the size of your premises and the complexity of your specific needs. It will also depend on whether your property will be in active use during the installation. At OKEL, we are careful to ensure there is minimum disruption to your operations during the installation process, but this can have an impact on how long the installation takes.

A well-designed and properly installed commercial gas warm air system should provide benefits to your business for the long-term. At OKEL, we use high-quality components throughout our commercial gas warm air systems, and all the appliances we use come with lengthy warranties from the manufacturers.