Fortress Technology Europe Case Study in Oxfordshire

Warehouse and Production Area Heating

Warm Air Heating System and Destratification Fans

Fortress Technology Europe’s Problem

The new business premises were estimated to have been constructed in 1996 and needed to undergo a new modern fit-out before the company moved in. Fortress Technology Europe approached OKEL, enquiring about the feasibility of using electric heating to support its commitment to the environment.  

Due to the 12m height of the factory ceiling, it was essential to provide a heating solution that ensured the heat remained on the lower ground level where it was of most benefit to the workforce. 

OKEL’s Director attended the site personally, to meet the team, understand more about their heating requirements and complete a detailed survey of the area to present the most efficient warm air heating solution.

Fortress Technology Europe installing their OKEL warm air heating system.

OKEL’s Solution

Upon completion of a detailed site survey, it became apparent that the existing electrical supply would not sufficiently support electric heating and would be costly to upgrade. However, the site already had a U25 gas meter fueling three boiler systems with 165kW in spare capacity

Since this project was solely to keep employees warm and did not depend on stock or machinery, OKEL designed a modern high-efficiency warm air and destratification heating system that utilised the remaining kWs.

OKEL’s bespoke design introduced Winterwarm XR+ model warm air heaters, designed specifically for heating large industrial spaces, and with flues to exit horizontally out of the external wall to avoid any roof penetration. 

These heaters came with integrated destratification fans that force heat back down to the lower level when the heater’s gradient controls and temperature sensors identified high ceiling temperatures. These fans were evenly distributed at ceiling height to ensure the whole team were heated

The Carbon Trust estimates that industrial buildings with high ceilings can reduce energy consumption by 20% by using a warm air heating system with destratification fans.

All Aspects Covered 

As well as the heat benefits provided, OKEL’s bespoke system design included a summer ventilation mode to enable continuous air circulation when the outside temperatures soared in the summer months.

OKEL offered additional support to Fortress Technology Europe when completing the Licence for Alterations document for its new landlord, leading to successful authorisation and approval of the production floor warm air heating system.

Fortress Technology Europe Results

The new commercial warm air heating system was a success, providing a heated factory floor for all employees’ comfort.

Although unable to install electric heating, Fortress Technology Europe secured an energy efficient alternative with their new bespoke heating system is by utilising spare kW capacity from the existing system.

Fortress Technology Europe installing their OKEL warm air heating system.

OKEL’s Promise

When looking for commercial warm air heating solutions for your factory or warehouse, no site is the same and no project is too big.

That’s why OKEL conduct thorough site surveys in order to provide a tailored approach to your business’s heating needs.

OKEL plan, design and install bespoke solutions for your warm air heating needs and provide green funding leasing for optimal efficiency.

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