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Sports halls are notoriously difficult to heat effectively, mostly due to their high ceilings and the fact they’re rarely insulated against heat loss. Finding an efficient solution to this problem requires the skill and understanding of heating systems that only comes with decades of experience.

We provide a wide selection of sports hall heating solutions, each one carefully designed with spectator and player safety in mind. We know that any heating system needs to maintain comfortable heat levels while minimising the risk of heat transfer through the ceiling and walls.

We can help you achieve just that. Putting together a sports hall heating system that is both energy-efficient and allows visitors and players alike to enjoy the sports facilities comfortably. Contact OKEL today to discuss your heating needs or to arrange a free consultation with one of our experts.

Why Choose OKEL?

Accredited Engineers

Tailored System Designs

Energy Efficient Systems

20+ Years Industry Experience

Green Funding Payment Options

Quality and Safe Installations

We understand the importance of a safe environment for your staff and visitors and by assigning your sports hall heating project to OKEL you will have total confidence in knowing that our teams of commercial heating engineers are all fully trained, qualified, and accredited for the work that they are assigned and come with many years of experience installing heating solutions into the Sports and Leisure sectors.

All of our lead commercial heating engineers are fully registered with either GasSafe, F-Gas or NICEIC and each brings a minimum of 25 years’ of experience to every job.

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Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Heating

We know how expensive it can be to heat any kind of sports environment. Even during the summer months, the running costs can reach exorbitant levels. We use a range of cost-effective heating devices to help you save on your energy bills.

We are an environmentally conscious company, and we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and that of our customers. By using a combination of innovative design and low-energy sports hall heaters, we can reduce your energy consumption and the associated heating costs.

With the rising cost of energy, it’s essential to consider running costs in our overall designs. We create heating designs that include the highest efficiency systems all of which are Hydrogen Blend Ready. Meaning they’re designed and capable of blending up to 20% Hydrogen with natural gas should this greener hybrid fuel type become readily available throughout the UK’s gas distribution networks. 

Every heating solution we put together is unique to the sports hall we’re working in. However, there are certain common components that we frequently use when creating the perfect heating package. These are just some of the equipment types we might incorporate into your own heating solution:

Popular Heating Systems for Sports Halls & Clubs

Far infrared heater bars

Electric Far Infrared Heater Bars

Infrared heaters provide direct, radiant heat, which heats only people and objects and does not warm up the surrounding air like convection air heaters. 

These are perfect for providing spot heating to spectators and viewing areas, as well as particular spaces within a sports hall like climbing walls.  

factory heating unit

Warm Air Heaters

Warm air systems are an excellent choice for heating sports halls with high-level ceilings and large open-plan spaces. 

All of our warm air heater models have integral destratification fans that circulate the spread of warm air and recover heat gathered high up in the ceiling and force it back down to ground level.

As well as external heating for sports halls, we offer boiler installation services for underfloor heating. We have helped install underfloor heating for  golf clubs to prevent condensation from forming on the floor level, to improve the experience for their customers and avoid creating a dangerous, slippery surface for play. 

What are the Benefits to OKEL Solutions?

  • Bespoke Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient Designs 
  • Cost-effective Systems
  • Modern Low-Carbon Technology
  • Fully Modulated Technology 
  • Annual Maintenance Support Packages
  • Comprehensive Manufacturers Warranties
  • National Engineers Support

Our Process


Initial Consultation


Pre-Installation Planning




Handover and Aftercare

Years of Experience Installing Heating for Sports Halls

We work with many kinds of Sports halls, including gymnastics clubs and squash courts, and deliver the same high standards of design and workmanship on every job. Whether your sports hall is in a school, a local recreation centre, or its own indoor venue for sporting activities, we have the tools, equipment, and experience to deliver a first-class heating system. Every solution is hand-tailored to meet your specific needs, you can depend on us to deliver exceptional results for you, your staff and your members.

Whether you’re hosting table tennis, five-a-side football, or any other sporting event, people want to come along and cheer on their side. A cold and uninviting environment is not conducive to a good time and is therefore likely to put people off returning.

With our expert advice, you can heat your sports hall properly and create somewhere that players and spectators alike will recommend to their friends and family.

Our Net Zero Commitment

With challenging targets being set by the government to steer the UK to net zero by 2050, it’s essential that as businesses we all do our part to achieve the stringent targets set out.

When planning our bespoke designs, we always have “Energy Saving” at the front of our mind which reassures you that your system is of the highest efficiency. This can play a key role in helping you showcase the steps you’re taking as a business to successfully achieve green accreditations and targets.

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Every heating solution we propose is unique to the sports hall in question. This makes it impossible to give a generic answer to this question.

Whether you’re hiring us to handle a school hall, a recreation centre, or an indoor sports venue, we know you need a solution that offers a good return on investment.

Our heating engineers will provide you with fully-costed estimates during the design phase, together with a formal quotation for our services. This is provided free of charge, with no obligation to accept.

Most sports hall customers come to us for two reasons: their current solution is no longer generating the comfortable warmth they expect from it (particularly at floor level), or their heating bills are going through the roof and they are finding ways to save energy extremely difficult.

Both of these are symptomatic of the same problem—that your heating system has seen better days and that you would benefit from it being replaced.

Any sports hall heating system must be installed by an experienced and knowledgeable commercial heating engineer with the relevant training, insurance and qualifications for the fuel type they are working with, such as natural gas, LPG or electric. Not only will they provide you with a quality installation but also ensure it is fitted safely and to current regulations such as GasSafe and NICEIC.

Installation timescales depend on how large and complex your new heating system is, as well as how easy it will be for our team to access the site.

During the pre-installation planning phase, our heating engineers will put together a timetable that causes as little disruption to the running of your sports hall as possible.

In school halls and other venues that are only put to intermittent use, we can usually complete your installation quickly and with little interruption. If the building is used more frequently, the job could take longer as we work around your staff and visitors.

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