Voltage Optimisation

Save Energy with Voltage Optimisation

As responsible businesses we are all searching for ways to improve energy efficiencies within our workplace to Reduce Business Energy Costs and Advance our Net Zero Journeys.

Voltage Optimisation is a energy saving voltage management system designed specifically for improving energy efficiencies in electrical equipment by reducing the incoming supply voltage to the optimum level for your onsite electrical appliances and improving the power quality.

By installing Voltage Optimisation into your business premises, you will match the supply voltage to your electrical equipment on site for more efficient performance and to reduce the energy consumed by ensuring excess voltage supplied by the national grid isn’t used at the site.

Voltage Optimisation in Business

Benefits of installing Voltage Optimisation energy saving technology into your business premises includes:

  • Instant energy savings up to 19% can be achieved *businesses reporting average savings on their energy bills of between 12-15%
  • Improved Carbon Footprint because of a reduction in harmful carbon emissions
  • Electrical equipment on site can last up to 50% longer saving you money on costs to replace expensive electrical equipment *over supply of electricity, especially in commercial and industrial environments with 3-phase supplies, can drastically shorten the life of expensive machinery and motors due to overheating.
  • Reduction in ongoing maintenance costs to repair equipment on site caused by unnecessary heat, noise, and vibration because of over supply all of which have a negative impact on electrical motors and components.
  • Intelligent models of Voltage Optimisation units include a remote monitoring system that enables you to track your exact savings in real time and report on energy savings.

Industries that Benefit the most from having Voltage Optimisation

If you work in one of the industries listed below its most likely that as part of your day-to-day operation you will be reliant on electrically powered devices having to be left on for long periods of time and in some instances 24/7.

Although day-to-day business activities mean it’s not possible to reduce the length of time electrical devices are in operation it is possible, thanks to Voltage Optimisation, that the incoming voltage supplied from the grid can be reduced to prevent you from being charged for surplus energy that is not necessary.

Industries and types of electrical equipment that benefit most from Voltage Optimisation includes:   

  • Manufacturing: – Heat Pumps, extraction fans, air compressors and motors
  • Hospitality: – Refrigeration, hot food kitchen production, extractor fans and lighting
  • Cold or frozen storage (such as food and pharmaceutical): – Refrigeration
  • Showrooms: – Lighting and air conditioning
  • Hairdressers: – Hairdryers, curling wands, and straighteners
  • Supermarkets / Convenience Stores / Retail: – Refrigeration, spotlights, tills, air conditioning
  • Leisure / Swimming Pools / Gyms: – Heat pumps, filters, air conditioning, fans, refrigeration, coffee machines, drinks chillers 

How much can Voltage Optimisation Save on your Energy Bills?

Voltage Optimisation can reduce your business energy bills and carbon footprint by up to 19% and with businesses reporting average energy saving of between 12-15%

To accurately predict the exact savings for your business will depend on your sites incoming voltage supply from the grid, energy consumption, and types of electrical equipment on site.

Contact OKEL to arrange your Free Energy Site Survey to enable our team to assess the suitability of a having a Voltage Optimisation system installed at your business premises and to provide you with more accurate savings bespoke to you – Call 0800 464 7388 or Email