High Efficiency Far Infrared Heating Solutions

OKEL have a wealth of experience Designing and Installing Commercial and Industrial Far Infrared Heating Solutions Nationwide, suitable for Warehouses, Restaurants and Bars, Yoga Studios, Churches, Kennels and Catteries and many other types of Commercial Space.

No matter what your heating requirements are OKEL have the perfect Far Infrared heating solution for you, offering a range of wall mount or ceiling suspended infrared heaters that have been designed with aesthetics and heating efficiencies in mind.

Far infrared heater bars

Discover the Perfect Far Infrared Heating Solution for you

Why Choose an Infrared Heating Solution?


Energy Efficient

Unlike many other forms of heat infrared heats only the people or objects that it meets and is therefore a very efficient and cost-effective electric heating solution.


Zone Heating

Ideal for businesses who are only wanting to heat certain areas of their premises such as workstations, spectators viewing areas and yoga studios.


Rapid Heating

Heat benefit is felt almost instantaneously therefore removing the need to spend hours heating an area to reach its desired temperature


Lower Running Cost

Infrared heaters use less energy than traditional alternatives to produce the same amount of heat.


Healthier Heating

Increases blood circulation, reduces joint pain and inflammation and reduces the spread of allergens as no air is used to transport the heat


Very Low Maintenance

No requirement for annual servicing unlike other forms of heating