Case Study for Boulder Hut, Ellesmere Port

Electric Far Infrared Heating

Sports Hall Heating

Date: September 2019

Location: Ellesmere Port

OKEL were approached by our client in the month of June as they were wanting to find a cost-effective way to spot heat certain areas of their business premises in readiness for the winter months ahead.

The areas to benefit from the spot heating were the seating areas in 2 on site cafes that were situated within a large open plan warehouse facility which had become home to Boulder Hut’s indoor climbing centre.

OKEL Solution

Taking into consideration all the findings from OKEL’s site survey as well as our extensive experience designing leisure facilities heating systems; OKEL proposed heating both the Boulder Zoo and Boulder Kitchen cafes with an electric far infra-red heating solution. 

Electric far infra-red was chosen as it’s a highly efficient solution as unlike other forms of heating far infrared heats only the people and objects that it encounters and is also a perfect choice when only zoned heating is required.

OKEL’s chosen design consisted of several high efficiency 2.4kw Electric far infrared heater bars which were to be suspended at height above the cafes that were to benefit from the new heating solution.

Radiant heating in a sports hall/climbing hangar

Sports Hall Heating Installation and Hand Over

Radiant heating in a sports hall/climbing hangar

Prior to the installation OKEL’s assigned NICEIC electrical approved engineers completed a pre installation site visit of the premises. The site visit included an inspection of the existing electrical supply to ensure there was enough capacity to accommodate the proposed far infrared heating solution and planning of the heaters positioning to deliver the most even spread of heat whilst considering the layout of the area. 

Prior to the installation detailed risk assessments and method statements were forwarded to our client capturing all aspects of the installation; including working at height safety requirements necessary for the suspension of the far infrared heaters.

Upon completion our lead engineers provided a project handover to ensure our client was confident on the capabilities of the new system and able to maximise the efficiencies by effective use of the intelligent thermostatic controls.

To complete our client’s project electronic copies of NICEIC electrical commissioning certification were forwarded to the client to retain on file.

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