Case Study for Thomas the Baker, North Yorkshire

Warm Air Heating and Destratification

TTB needed an effective solution to keep its bakery factory at optimal temperatures.

Thomas the Baker’s Problem

Thomas the Baker wanted to invest in a permanent heating solution for their bakery factory which provides produce for their 30+ bakeries situated across Yorkshire

In the past winter months, the premises had been heated by a temporary ICS rental heating system which consisted of 3 oil-fired units, however TTB was keen to compare costs against a more permanent heating solution in readiness for the following winter. 

As well as ensuring staff morale was high by providing a comfortable working environment, it was also necessary to maintain a desired temperature of 14-15°C as this improves the quality of products and ingredients blend better.

OKEL’s Solution

Considering all the findings from our thorough site visit, and the temperature requirements necessary for optimal baking, OKEL proposed introducing a modern high efficiency warm air and destratification solution across the three areas.

OKEL’s design introduced 140kW of heat into the premises with the introduction of two 50kW and one 40kW high efficiency suspended warm air heaters, with stainless steel heat exchanger and integral axial fans.

baker factory space

All Aspects Covered

Each of the heaters were to be individually controlled by an intelligent thermostat controller to deliver optimum performance and had several functionalities which include:

  • 10 programmable time blocks,
  • Frost protection,
  • Keyboard locking,
  • Facility to connect to a central BMS system,
  • Failure diagnosis reset facility. 

To assist the heaters integral axial fans with even distribution of warm air, two bladed destratification fans were introduced and suspended at ceiling height.

 The Carbon Trust estimates that the use of destratification fans in industrial buildings with high ceilings and operating a warm air heating system can reduce energy consumption by a further 20%.

These fans can also provide summer ventilation when the outside temperatures start to rise.

An expertly designed warm air and destratification system can reduce energy consumption by up to

0 %

Thomas the Baker’s Results

A pre-installation engineer’s visit took place prior to the installation to determine with the client’s sign off the best positioning of the heaters and fans to achieve maximum effect and efficiency.

All works were completed on time by our expert team of gas safe approved heating engineers, with gas safety commissioning certification issued upon project completion.

All of our projects are expertly designed to suit your business’ needs. Whether thats heating a large warehouse at a consistent temperature, or tackling older buildings with poor insulation. 

OKEL will have a factory heating solution for you.

Winterwarm air heating unit

OKEL’s Promise

When looking for commercial warm air heating solutions for your factory or warehouse, no site is the same and no project is too big.

That’s why OKEL conduct thorough site surveys in order to provide a tailored approach to your business’s heating needs.

OKEL plan, design and install bespoke solutions for your warm air heating needs and provide green funding leasing for optimal efficiency.

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