SIG Trading Case Study in Lancashire

Warehouse Heating

Sig Trading was getting ready to move into their newly refurbished premises. The company was looking for a high efficiency heating solution for its massive 30,000ft² warehouse located in the North West of England.

The company had already engaged with another commercial heating company who had recommended and quoted for a radiant tube heating system. Sig Trading were looking to OKEL to provide a comparative quote for a smarter solution.

A site survey was scheduled the following week and included a meeting with Sig Trading’s Operations Director and QSHE Manager to fully understand the aim of the heating project.

OKEL’s Solution

The most important factors when looking for a open plan warehouse heating solution is to accommodate the high ceilings, vast space and level of insulation, whilst ensuring the running costs are kept to a minimum.

OKEL was originally asked to provide a comparative quote for a radiant tube heating system. However, it soon became apparent that a radiant tube solution wouldn’t necessarily be the best heating solution for Sig Trading’s massive 30,000ft² premises.

OKEL instead suggested to install a high efficiency warm air and destratification solution that was to consist of six 60kW wall-mounted natural gas fired warm air heaters, with integral destratification fans supported by twelve extra heavy duty destratification fans evenly spread across the ceiling expanse.

This system has consistently proven a success for previous heating and cooling projects we’ve been involved with, specifically for projects with larger floor plans.

Warm air heater for SIG Trading
Warm air heater for SIG Trading

All Aspects Covered

OKEL was concerned that opting for radiant heating would create cold spots throughout the warehouse since this heating option only heats in its direct line. But most importantly that the kW’s requirements for radiant heating would be almost double.

This would have a negative impact on the running costs of the premises compared to OKEL’s proposed high efficiency warm air and destratification solution.

The radiant tube design quote required a total of 830kW to maintain, whilst OKEL’s smarter solution would require only 480kW to maintain the same temperature.

As the lifetime running costs of the new system were a key factor in Sig Trading’s decision making, they voted in favour of OKEL’s smarter and more efficient heating solution.

To complete the project, electronic copies of Gas Safe and NICEIC certification and user guides for the heaters and fans were forwarded to Sig Trading for peace of mind.

Sig Trading’s Results

OKEL’s on site engineers worked closely with the QSHE Manager to ensure the heating installation didn’t impact the new machinery that was being constructed built alongside the new heating system. This successfully met Sig Trading’s tight deadline to ensure their new premises was fully operational within a matter of weeks.

Upon project completion, our lead engineer arranged a training session to ensure Sig Trading could confidently make effective use of the intelligent thermostatic controls.

An expertly designed warm air and destratification system can reduce your energy consumption by up to…

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OKEL’s Promise

When looking for warm air heating solutions for your factory or warehouse, no site is the same and no project is too big.

That’s why OKEL conduct thorough site surveys in order to provide a tailored approach to your business’s heating needs.

OKEL plan, design and install bespoke solutions for your warm air heating needs and provide green funding leasing for optimal efficiency.


Warm air heater for SIG Trading

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