Bunches needed to upgrade the heating system in their warehouse storage facility.

Bunches’ Problem

Bunches are an online florist providing floral displays and flowers across the UK. They first approached OKEL in February 2019 looking to upgrade the heating system in their warehouse storage facility.

The premises consisted of two storage areas heated by a total of four Powrmatic warm air space heaters. Out of the four heaters, one heater was over 11 years old and no longer operational. The remaining three were becoming more prone to breakdowns, costly to maintain and any repairs were no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Bunches requested a quotation to replace just the non-operational warm air heater and a separate quotation to fully upgrade all the heaters in situ.

OKEL's Solution

Considering all the findings from OKEL’s site visit, Bunches chose our recommendation to fully upgrade the whole system with a high-efficiency suspended warm air and destratification heating solution consisting of 3 x 50 kW warm air heaters with integral axial fans fuelled by the existing natural gas supply.

Designed specifically for heating large open-plan commercial and industrial spaces, OKEL’s fully modulating warm air heater model is excellent at minimising hot and cold spots and benefits from a robust stainless-steel heat exchanger to prolong the lifespan of the heater.

bunches factory space

The heater’s integral axial fan is designed to recognise when the temperature gradient becomes too hot at ceiling height and forces the warm air back down to the lower level where it’s of most benefit.

To ensure the warm air heating solution delivered optimum performance they would each be individually controlled by a multi-functional thermostatic heater controller with functionalities such as frost protection, keyboard locking, overtime programme, 10 programmable time blocks, summer ventilation mode and facility to connect to a BMS system.

An expertly designed warm air and destratification system can reduce energy consumption by up to

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warm air and destratification system

Bunches’ Results

bunches factory space

The positioning of the heaters was agreed between our client and lead engineer to determine the most even spread of heat whilst taking into consideration the layout of the premises. All works were completed by our chosen team of commercial gas-safe heating engineers and included the decommissioning and taking down of the obsolete heaters. 

The installation was completed in April 2019 by our team of engineers and the gas safety commissioning certification was issued upon project completion.

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