Case Study for Transmanor, Birmingham

Warm Air Heating

Transmanor was looking for an effective solution to heating its 7,000ft² warehouse.

Transmanor’s Problem

Transmanor first approached us in October 2021, looking to install a heating system for one of their warehouses, in readiness for a new tenant who was soon to be taking over the lease.

The new tenant planned to utilise the warehouse space solely for the purpose of storing building materials and it was essential that to ensure the quality of stored items was not compromised the temperature within the warehouse must not fall below 5°C.

There would only be minimal time when warehouse operatives would be present in the warehouse and therefore to keep energy usage and associated energy bills to a minimum our client requested a warehouse heating system that would deliver a temperature no less than 8°C 24/7.


OKEL’s Solution

Considering all the findings from OKEL’s initial site survey, including discussions around further planned modernisations to include a new insulated roof and cladding, our design team proposed heating the warehouse with a warm air space heating system that would introduce 160 kW of combined heat to achieve the desired temperature.

Warm air heating was chosen for the project given that it is the most efficient way of heating large open-plan warehouse spaces and can heat the whole of the warehouse to temperature in minimal time and minimises hot and cold spots.

All Aspects Covered

Winterwarm’s XR Plus model heaters were chosen for the warm air design. These highly efficient and ERP2021 rated fully modulating wall mounted space heaters can heat an area to the desired temperature at full load and then modulates down by around 60% to maintain the desired temperature and without the use of excess energy.

In addition, the XR Plus heaters benefit from integral circulation fans that deliver an even distribution of warm air, including racking space, and achieve a consistent temperature without hot and cold spots.

To further support the spread of warm air throughout the storage racking and minimise heat loss from above, standalone destratification systems were included within our overall system design.

Warm air heating unit installed in Transmanor

Transmanor’s Results

The warehouse warm air heating installation was turned around within 4 weeks from our client’s initial enquiry. This enabled the tenant to benefit immediately from the new warehouse heating system and not risk stock damage as the colder weather set in.

Upon project completion, nominated staff members were invited by our lead engineer to attend a full handover and demonstration of the new warehouse heating system, covering the heaters various settings and popular functionalities to include keyboard locking and summer ventilation mode.

To complete the final handover, gas safety commissioning certification and electronic operating user and maintenance guides for the heaters and controls were sent to our client to retain on file.   

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