Case Study for Bonfiglioli, Cheshire

Warehouse Heating

Warm Air Heating System and Destratification Fans

Bonfiglioli’s Problem

Bonfiglioli first engaged OKEL in September 2021 as they were keen to introduce a high efficiency warm air heating system that would provide heat to their main warehouse of 25,000ft² in readiness for the winter months ahead.

Previously only the office space had been heated on onsite, however it was apparent that the main warehouse also required heat to create a more pleasant and comfortable working environment for production staff and warehouse operatives.

During the winter months, the warehouse was bitterly cold and was intensified by the roller shutter doors that were continually opened and closed throughout the working day.

Warm air heating unit installed in Bonfiglioli warehouse space

OKEL’s Solution

At the time of OKEL’s site survey, it was identified that a large proportion of the warehouse space was in fact occupied by storage racking and with no temperature dependant stock. Therefore, rather than increased costs associated with heating the whole of the warehouse, the heating was instead to be centred mostly around the 2 production areas where warehouse operatives were present throughout the working day. 

We chose to design a warm air heating system that introduced 200 kW of heat, consisting of Winterwarm TR100 suspended warm air heaters, fully modulating and with built in destratification, and designed specifically for heating large industrial space.

The heaters would be situated above the 2 production areas at opposite ends of the warehouse and carefully positioned to enable any surplus heat to be blown in the direction of the central racking space to simply take the chill off the racking area. 

To assist with the even spread of warm air and prevent heat from escaping at ceiling height we chose to introduce high efficiency Winterwarm WCU destratification fans systems into the design.

The purpose of the fans was to utilise the sensors that would recognise when the temperature at ceiling height exceeded the set values, and to then force the warm air back down to the ground level where it was most beneficial to the work force.

All Aspects Covered

To ensure our warehouse heating design delivered the highest of efficiencies for Bonfiglioli and ensure they were not paying for wasted energy, we chose to include switch relays on each of the roller shutter entrance doors. When the roller shutter doors are opened the relays would send a signal to automatically switch the heater off, and only once the door was fully closed over would the heater turn back on.

Bonfiglionli’s Results

A final pre-installation site meeting took place prior to the installation to agree and sign off positioning of the heaters and fans, to determine electrical requirements, and finalise information for the rams that was to be produced and sent to our client before works commenced on site.

The warehouse heating installation was completed to schedule in the month of October so that our client could benefit from their new warehouse heating system in readiness for the colder weather setting in.

Upon project completion, a full handover and demonstration of the new warehouse heating system took place with key members of staff,  including highlighting the various functionalities, including the popular summer ventilation mode, so the client could get maximum benefit from the system throughout the year.

To complete the final handover, gas safety commissioning certification and electronic operating user and maintenance guides for the heaters and controls were sent to our client to retain on file.   

Warm air heating unit installed in Bonfiglioli warehouse space

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