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Client: Woolton Golf Club

Date: August 2016

Location: Liverpool

Customer Brief

OKEL were approached by our client who was looking to upgrade 2 x obsolete Hamworthy boilers that were becoming unreliable and costlier to run due to drops in efficiency caused by aged related wear and tear.

The hot water supply for the golf course was stored in large hot water storage vessels and was having to be heated 24/7 to ensure the club always had adequate supply of hot water and reduced health risks associated with water storage such as legionella.

In addition to the above our client had a large private ground floor function often used for weddings and golf tournament social events which was currently without any form of heating in the winter and in the summer months would become too hot due to the large south facing patio doors that ran the full length of the room.

OKEL Solution


Taking into consideration our client’s requirements OKEL proposed a high efficiency solution that would meet all our client’s site-specific requirements and provide substantial savings in annual running costs.

OKEL replaced the obsolete boilers with 2 x wall mounted fully modulating and condensing ATAG Q series commercial boilers complete with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

ATAG is a leading boiler manufacturer and offers some of the highest boiler efficiencies across Europe and the comprehensive manufacturers warranty meant that our client would not have to worry about unwanted costs associated with replacement components for equipment no longer covered by a warranty.

To remove the need for 24/7 heating of the hot water supply OKEL replaced the old hot water storage vessel and replaced with 2 x continuous flow hot water systems which would be wall mounted on a rig along with the 2 commercial boilers – image attached.

The final part of the project was to install a high efficiency Mitsubishi air conditioning system in the ground floor function room. A combination of wall and ceiling mounted units that would cool in the summer months and due to its dual purpose has the added advantage of producing warmth in the winter months.

It was estimated that by upgrading the obsolete commercial boilers and hot water storage the customer would save 30% on their annual running costs.

A modern & high efficiency boiler can save up to

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Commercial Boiler Installation and Hand Over

A pre installation engineer site visit took place ahead of the installation to sign off the exact positioning of the heating and cooling equipment to determine the most even spread of heat and cooling whilst considering the layout of the premises.

Prior to the installations detailed risk assessments and method statements were forwarded to our client for approval, complete with liability insurance, Gas Safe, FGAS, Electrical certification for the team of installation engineers working on site. 

Upon project completion our lead engineers arranged a handover with our client’s staff to ensure they were confident on the capabilities of the new equipment and able to maximise the efficiencies by effective use of the intelligent thermostatic controls.

To complete our client’s project electronic copies of Gas Safe and NICEIC certification and user guides for the equipment were forwarded to the client to retain on file.

New boilers and hot water systems for Woolton Golf Course

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