Medstrom 2020

Evaporative Cooling System & Warehouse Cooling

 August 2020



Customer Brief

Our customer is a UK manufacturer of hospital beds and bed services management to the NHS and approached OKEL to assist in designing a cooling solution for their warehouse facility.

Due to works being undertaken for the NHS our customer was wanting to introduce a cooling solution that not only cooled the warehouse but also prevented the recirculation of stale and unhygienic air.

OKEL Solution

OKEL chose to combat the heat inside the warehouse and introduce a regular flow of fresh outside air by installing an Evaporative Cooling and extraction solution that consisted of 1 x Eco Cooling wall mounted system (cooling power of 35 kw) and supporting extraction fan.

Evaporative cooling is the most natural and cost-effective way to cool large open plan space and provides a simple, safe, and low-cost solution to the cooling of people, processes, and products.

Cools with

0 %
Fresh Air

Evaporative Cooling was chosen for this project for the reasons below: –

  • No recirculation of stale air
  • Cools with 100% fresh outside air
  • Consumes less than 10% of the electricity that a traditional refrigerant air conditioning system would require.
  • Exceptionally low running costs and can cool an area up to 250m² for just £0.14 per hour
  • Extraction of stale air and eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Environmentally friendly as no harmful refrigerant gases
  • Effective even when doors, windows and roller shutters remain open.

Installation and hand over

Due to the layout of the warehouse OKEL’s installation team chose to install an eco-cooling wall mounted unit which was positioned on the external wall to the rear of the warehouse along with the extraction system.

The installation took place over 3 consecutive days and with all works were completed to schedule and with no disruption to the customer.