Medstrom 2020 Case Study in Kent

Medstrom needed an efficient and hygienic cooling system for their warehouse in Kent

Factory Cooling

Medstrom is a UK-based manufacturer of hospital beds. They also provide bed management services to the NHS, with over 25% of the UK’s acute care beds and mattresses fleet currently under their management.

Medstrom came back to OKEL in 2020, following our previous successful collaboration in 2018-19. They needed our support to provide a cooling system for their warehouse in Kent. Key to the challenge was both the size of the warehouse itself and their requirements for hygienic solutions, given the nature of their work for the NHS.

Evaporative Fresh Air Cooling Systems

After consulting with Medstrom and assessing their needs, OKEL identified evaporative cooling as the most effective approach for their situation.

Due to the layout of the warehouse, OKEL’s installation team chose to install an eco-cooling wall-mounted unit which was positioned on the external wall to the rear of the warehouse along with the extraction system. Specifically, they recommended an Eco Cooling wall-mounted system with a cooling power of 35 kw, alongside a supporting extraction fan.

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cooling unit

Evaporative cooling was the best option for Medstrom for two key reasons. Firstly, it’s an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly solution to cooling large open-plan areas, making it ideally suited to Medstrom’s expansive warehouse space.

In fact, evaporative cooling can cool an area up to 250m² for just £0.32 per hour. That’s because it uses less than 10% of the electricity that a traditional air conditioning system would need. And it’s even effective when doors, windows, and roller shutters are open – an important consideration in a warehouse environment.

Evaporative Cooling Installation and Hand Over

But evaporative cooling has another major benefit for Medstrom – it’s extremely hygienic. Unlike a traditional refrigerant air conditioning system, stale air is not recirculated. Instead, the system uses 100% fresh air from outside to cool your space. As a result, any harmful bacteria or viruses are removed, helping to protect employees, and reducing the risk of illnesses being transmitted.

Given that Medstrom was performing extensive work for the NHS during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was an essential consideration.

The results

OKEL’s team of highly experienced engineers is committed to delivering a fast, painless installation – and that’s exactly what we delivered for Medstrom.

The installation took place over 3 consecutive days, planned in consultation with Medstrom’s team to ensure a limited impact on their business.

As a result, all works were completed to schedule and with no disruption to the customer.

External view of evaporative cooling system for 360 Vision Technology

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