Factory and Warehouse Cooling for 360 Vision Technology, Cheshire

360 Vision Technology needed a cooling solution for the mezzanine floor of their premises.

360 Vision’s Overheating Problem

360 Vision are a leading designer and manufacturer of CCTV surveillance camera and control systems. They came to OKEL in June 2021 looking for help with an overheating issue at their facility in Cheshire.

The mezzanine floor of their premises was encountering extreme heat as a result of the intensive production processes taking place on the ground floor. This was compounded by the position of their existing Benson air heater.

When it came to finding a cooling solution, there were further issues. 360 Vision were struggling with the layout of the mezzanine floor. Due to the high storage racking and limited wall space, finding a cooling solution that would fit was a significant issue.

OKEL’s Evaporative Cooling Solution

To deliver effective cooling in the limited space, OKEL proposed a roof-mounted evaporative cooler and extraction solution. This would allow both the input and extract systems to be roof-mounted and ducted down into the mezzanine floor below.

Evaporative cooling systems are an extremely effective way to cool large open-plan areas, making them perfectly suited for warehouses and factories. They’re also extremely energy efficient, using less than 10% of the electricity of air conditioning without using harmful refrigerant gasses. And because they use 100% fresh outside air, they’re also more hygienic than air conditioning systems.

Evaporative Fresh-air Cooling Consumes Less than

of the Electricity of Air Conditioning
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External view of evaporative cooling system for 360 Vision Technology

By utilising an evaporative cooling system, we were able to deliver a simple, safe, and low-cost cooling solution for Vision 360 within the limited space available. Our evaporative cooling solution provided a maximum flow rate of 14,000m³/hr and approximately 15 air changes per hour with exceptionally low running costs. It could cool an area up to 250m² for just £0.32 per hour.

The Results

Evaporative cooling unit on roof of building

The installation process took place over 3 consecutive days. By working closely with the team at 360 Vision to plan the installation around their needs, we were able to minimize the disruption to 360 Vision’s day-to-day business. All work was completed to timescale and commissioned to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Efficient and Reliable Cooling Systems from OKEL

At OKEL, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke heating and cooling solutions that help businesses improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

Whatever your needs, we can deliver a reliable and cost-effective solution. For a detailed look at the range of solutions we offer, take a look at our other case studies. Or if you’d like to discuss your requirements with one of our expert team, get in touch today.

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