The Motor Family Case Study in Leeds

Retail Heating

The Motor Family

Location: Leeds

Customer Brief

We were approached by our customer The Motor Family who was looking for a more effective way to heat their car show room and onsite service and MOT test centre.

At the time of OKEL’s site survey the 2 areas as mentioned above were being heated by gas fired radiant tube style heaters (one heater per area), and which due to the nature of radiant heating was only providing heat to the people or objects close by and that were positioned within the maximum throw of the heater – the issue being that directly under the radiant heaters much higher temperatures were being achieved; for example in the car show room at the time of our visit we recorded a temperature of 25°C directly below the radiant heater, whilst only 11°C was being experienced at the rear of the showroom. A similar difference in varying temperatures was being experienced in the service and MOT centre.

OKEL Solution

car showroom

To provide the customer with a commercial heating system that would deliver an even spread of heat throughout the areas and minimise hot and cold spots, we chose to remove the radiant tube style heaters and to replace with a modern and highly efficient commercial warm air heating system.

Warm air works by warming the air space, with air being drawn across a heat exchanger, and is perfect for large open plan commercial space, creating a far more welcoming experience for visitors to the show room and a more comfortable working environment for the work force.

It was important for the show room that the warm air heater model we chose was neat and compact, not too industrial, and wouldn’t look out of place within the environment – noise levels of the heater were to also be kept to a minimum as the showroom was relatively quiet and with only several staff members in attendance.

OKEL chose to install within each of the areas, a Winterwarm XR heater (40 kw) that was to be fuelled by the existing natural gas supply. The highly efficient and fully modulating warm air heaters were to be wall mounted at approx. 3-4 m high and had the added benefit of integral circulation fans to assist with the even distribution of heat throughout both areas.

Each of the heaters were to be controlled individually by Winterwarm user friendly multi-therm controllers that offered the user many different functionalities including frost protection, keyboard locking, summer ventilation mode and ability to diagnose faults remotely.

Warm air heating unit installed in The Motor Family car show room

Commercial Warm Air Installation and Hand Over

As part of the installation, our installation team decommissioned and removed from site the customers’ existing radiant heaters that had previously been installed within each of the areas.

The new high efficiency commercial warm air heaters were then installed along with associated gas pipe work, positioned to deliver the most effective spread of heat and whilst taking into consideration the layout of the areas and incoming gas supply.

All works were completed to schedule, installed, tested, and commissioned to manufacturer’s instructions and current gas safety regulations and The Motor Family team being invited along to a demonstration of the new heaters’ controls prior to OKEL’s installation team leaving site.