High Efficiency Radiant Heating Solutions

When identifying the most efficient and effective form of Heating for a Factory, Warehouse or large commercial or industrial space there are several factors for our team to consider: –

  • Age of the customers building and levels of insulation
  • Dimensions and maximum height
  • Ideal temperature for the customer to achieve quality manufacturing and storage of stock
  • Health and Safety guidelines for working temperatures
  • Manufacturing processes taking place within the premises
  • Layout of the area; mezzanine floors, plant machinery and racking
  • Extraction systems and roller shutter entrances
  • Fuel type available on site
  • Hours of operation

Great care must be taken to ensure that OKEL’s chosen solution maximizes efficiency by ensuring all the areas highlighted above are factored into the initial planning and design stages and that the equipment chosen for each customer project is of the highest efficiency and supported by intelligent self-optimizing controls to achieve optimum performance throughout the year.

OKEL have a wealth of experience Designing and Installing Radiant Heating Solutions in Factories and Warehouses across the UK.

Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

Radiant tube heaters offer low intensity heat and exceptional energy efficiencies

The radiant heater tubes are often mounted overhead, ideal for buildings with lower ceilings, and unlike other forms of heating Radiant far infrared heat transports through the air without heating it, and heats only the people, machinery or objects it encounters, therefore removing unnecessary costs associated with heating unoccupied space.

The precision at which they heat makes radiant a perfect heat solution for companies looking to spot heat certain areas, premises with high levels of air changes or those prone to large amounts of heat loss caused by the opening of large roller shutter doors for lengthy periods of time.

OKEL’s Radiant Tube Product Range Includes :- Linear, U-tube and Herring bone Designs

Radiant Tubes ranging from 10 to 100 kw capacity to suit all size premises

Radiant Heating

Discover the Perfect Radiant Heating Solution for you

Why Choose a Radiant Heating Solution


Low running costs


Comfortable form of heat


Low energy consumption


Rapid heat up time and retained heat


No air movement


Minimises heat loss as heats only objects or people