OKEL are pleased to have received our Chas Premium accreditation showing our continued focus on Health and Safety, Environment, Quality and Equality.

Quality and Safe Installations

Risk Assessment Management

As part of managing health and safety within your business it’s important that you control risks within your workplace to include when suppliers and contractors are asked to work on site.

By choosing OKEL as your preferred supplier you will have reassurance in knowing that we understand the importance of assessing workplace risks and will work closely with you in the time leading up to the installation to ensure the right safety measures have been put in place. 

Risk Assessment and Method Statement

A detailed risk assessment and supporting method statement will be produced for your project and forwarded to you prior to works commencing on site.


Local Site Induction

Prior to works commencing on site OKEL requests that a representative from within your organisation provides OKEL’s installation team with a local site induction.

The purpose of the induction is to make the engineers fully aware of any local site risks, or procedures they must adhere to whilst working onsite; to include emergency procedures and Covid-19 site specifics.



For premises that were built prior to the year 2000 OKEL will request a copy of the buildings asbestos register if at any stage throughout the survey or installation our engineers identify risks associated with asbestos. 

Based on the findings within the register OKEL may request that a 3rd party asbestos specialist are called upon to provide specialist advice and guidance.