Energy-efficient Sports Hall Heating

Indoor sports venues are the perfect way to enjoy the thrill of physical activity all year round – but only if they’re heated properly. And with most sports halls struggling with high ceilings and limited insulation, this is no mean feat.

Here at OKEL, we’ve provided countless sports venues with cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solutions. Get in touch to see how we can improve your customers’ comfort while delivering significant savings.

Radiant heating in a sports hall/climbing hangar

Struggling with your sports hall heating system?

Providing a comfortable environment for your customers is a top priority – it can make all the difference between a one-off visit and long-term support. But to deliver the year-round warmth your customers expect, you’ll need to tackle several difficulties, including:

The dimensions of sports halls and leisure facilities make them a significant challenge to heat consistently, especially if you don’t have a purpose-built heating system.

Many sports halls are not constructed with heat retention in mind, meaning you’ll need to contend with high levels of heat loss if you want to keep a consistent temperature.

Running a sports hall or leisure centre often means managing a tight budget – and the ever-rising costs of energy mean heating your space can be a financial nightmare.

Customers are increasingly looking for businesses to take the lead on sustainability, but can your existing heating system meet their expectations?

Meeting these challenges head-on is key to keeping your customers happy – but this is easier said than done. That’s why at OKEL we specialise in working with sports halls and recreation facilities to deliver bespoke heating solutions that are custom-built to meet their needs.

The benefits of a custom sports hall heating solution

A custom-built heating system from OKEL can transform your space, offering year-round comfort while reducing your operating costs. You’ll benefit from:

  • Improved efficiency. Our heating solutions incorporate the latest technology and are designed specifically for your space. That means you’ll be able to achieve optimal temperatures quickly and consistently.
  • Reduced costs. By utilising a custom design and prioritising energy efficiency, our bespoke heating systems can help reduce your heating costs without compromising on comfort.
  • Targeted heating. With a system tailored to your premises, you can ensure that key parts of your space – such as spectator seating areas or climbing walls – can be kept at your desired temperature.
  • Eco-friendliness. By using the latest technology from industry-leading manufacturers, we ensure you’re getting the greenest heating system on the market.

A bespoke heating system for your sports hall isn’t just a vital way to secure the comfort of your customers – it’s also a way to set your business up for long-term success.

warm air heater

Sports hall Warm air Heating Systems

Heating large, open spaces with high ceilings is no simple task – but it’s something that warm air heating systems excel at. These systems use strategically placed heaters that draw air from outside the building and pass it across a heat exchanger to warm it. They then use fans to distribute this air throughout your space.

Warm air heating systems provide an even distribution of heat throughout your sports hall, ensuring that spectators, players, and staff can remain warm no matter where they move. And with a choice of gas or electric-powered warm air heating, you can balance cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness to suit your needs.

OKEL warm air factory heating unit

Electric far infra-red heating for Sports Hall

Winterwarm radiant tube heaters

Electric far infra-red heating is an innovative way to deliver targeted heating to specific areas within your sports hall. By emitting infrared radiation, FIR systems can spot heat parts of your hall without having to transfer heat through the surrounding areas – a much more efficient approach if you’re wanting to focus on heating a few core regions within your space.
If your sports hall or leisure centre sees high traffic in just a few key areas – entranceways, seating areas or play areas, for instance – then FIR can be the ideal choice. You’ll benefit from unmatched energy-efficiency, reduced maintenance, and long-lasting performance.


Vicky Hall
Vicky HallPlay Centre Manager - The Ice Cream Farm
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"I would highly recommend using OKEL for your business - the entire process has been highly efficient with excellent communication and very quick turnaround. Every staff member from the Operations team dealing with our initial enquiry through to the engineers who came to site to carry out works - have been fantastic, incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and polite. A special thanks to Katie, who is a credit to the company - we look forward to working with you again"
Neil Keane
Neil KeaneHead of Business - Jaguar Land Rover
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"OKEL provided heating and cooling system throughout each of our Land Rover and Jaguar Liverpool dealerships. Works were scheduled at a time so as not to impact the day-to-day operation of our business and for minimal interference. The staff were professional and reliable; completing the project to a high standard - Many thanks to OKEL and the team"
Richard Williams
Richard WilliamsOwner - Richard Williams Upholstery
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"Just had a new warm air heating system installed by OKEL into my workshop, I could not recommend them enough, from initial site survey to 1st class installation - thank you Mark"


Most frequent questions and answers about Sports Hall Heating solutions

Every heating solution we propose is unique to the sports hall in question. This makes it impossible to give a generic answer to this question.
Whether you’re hiring us to handle a school hall, a recreation centre, or an indoor sports venue, we know you need a solution that offers a good return on investment.
Our heating engineers will provide you with fully costed estimates during the design phase, together with a formal quotation for our services. This is provided free of charge, with no obligation to accept.

Most sports hall customers come to us for two reasons: their current solution is no longer generating the comfortable warmth they expect from it (particularly at floor level), or their heating bills are going through the roof, and they are finding ways to save energy extremely difficult.
Both are symptomatic of the same problem – that your heating system has seen better days and that you would benefit from it being replaced.

Any sports hall heating system must be installed by an experienced and knowledgeable commercial heating engineer with the relevant training, insurance, and qualifications for the fuel type they are working with, such as natural gas, LPG or electric. Not only will they provide you with a quality installation but also ensure it is fitted safely and to current regulations such as GasSafe and NICEIC.

Installation timescales depend on how large and complex your new heating system is, as well as how easy it will be for our team to access the site.
During the pre-installation planning phase, our heating engineers will put together a timetable that causes as little disruption to the running of your sports hall as possible.
In school halls and other venues that are only put to intermittent use, we can usually complete your installation quickly and with little interruption. If the building is used more frequently, the job could take longer as we work around your staff and visitors.

At OKEL, we have extensive experience delivering top-quality sports hall heating systems. We’ve worked with many kinds of sports halls, including gymnastics clubs and squash courts, and we strive to deliver the same high standards of design and workmanship on every job.
Whether your sports hall is in a school, a local recreation centre, or its own indoor venue for sporting activities, we have the tools, equipment, and experience to deliver a first-class heating system. Every solution is hand-tailored to meet your specific needs, you can depend on us to deliver exceptional results for you, your staff, and your members.