Energy-Efficient Warehouse Heating Solutions

To overcome global supply chain disruptions, UK companies are turning to in-country warehouses. This shift necessitates efficient warehouse temperature control.

  • Large, open warehouses struggle to maintain consistent temperatures. Cold winters can lead to uncomfortable working conditions and potentially damage temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Many stored goods (pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.) need specific temperatures for optimal quality. But how do you heat your warehouse efficiently? The optimal way is to choose an energy-efficient heating system that is tailored to your premises. 

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Why Choose Us?

No two warehouses are the same! Our custom warehouse heating solutions address the unique challenges of each, considering the size, fabrication, purpose, and layout.

We offer a bespoke warehouse heating service, each one carefully tailored to suit your individual requirements, and with installation teams consisting of both commercial gas and electrical approved engineers we offer a one stop shop for gas fired or electric warehouse heating installations – whatever your fuel preference we have a solution for you.  


One of the most efficient ways to warm up warehouses is the installation of warm air heating systems. We are committed to providing our clients with solutions that help to minimise both their energy costs and their environmental impact.

Each of our warm air heater models are ERP compliant in accordance with the latest eco design directive and fully modulating which means the heaters will only use the amount of gas necessary to maintain the desired temperature throughout the working day. 

We pride ourselves on approaching each warehouse heating solution as a personal project. We will assign an experienced member of our team to the job as project manager.

They will act as a single point of contact for you and your team, streamlining communication between OKEL and your company. They will work with you from start to finish, providing you with regular updates and answering any queries you might have throughout the process.

We take on all manner of warm air heating system projects, for companies large and small. However extensive the job, you can depend on us to provide the same high standard of service.

We have worked with SMEs operating at a local level, as well as national blue-chip companies. We always deliver quality installations, and your project will be no exception.

To meet the high expectations of our warehouse heating clients, we ensure that every member of our team is fully qualified to the highest industry standards with years of hands-on experience installing warehouse heating systems, guaranteeing a professional approach to all warehouse heating enquiries.

All our heating engineers are insured to work on commercial heating installations, and approved on either the Gas Safe or NICEIC register to give you peace of mind that the work is being carried out in the safest of manners and by industry leading experts.

If you want to safeguard your productivity and avoid spiralling energy costs, you need a warm air solution that’s up to the challenge. And that’s exactly what OKEL can offer.

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Customer Testimonials

Richard Williams
Richard WilliamsOwner - Richard Williams Upholstery
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"Just had a new warm air heating system installed by OKEL into my workshop, I could not recommend them enough, from initial site survey to 1st class installation - thank you Mark"
Neil Keane
Neil KeaneHead of Business - Jaguar Land Rover
Read More
OKEL provided heating and cooling system throughout each of our Land Rover and Jaguar Liverpool dealerships. Works were scheduled at a time so as not to impact the day-to-day operation of our business and for minimal interference. The staff were professional and reliable; completing the project to a high standard - Many thanks to OKEL and the team.
Vicky Hall
Vicky HallPlay Centre Manager - The Ice Cream Farm
Read More
"I would highly recommend using OKEL for your business - the entire process has been highly efficient with excellent communication and very quick turnaround. Every staff member from the Operations team dealing with our initial enquiry through to the engineers who came to site to carry out works - have been fantastic, incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and polite. A special thanks to Katie, who is a credit to the company - we look forward to working with you again"

Save Up To 30% On Your Energy Bills
With Our Warm Air Solutions

Why Your Warehouse Needs A Tailored Heating Solution

Custom warehouse heating tackles unique challenges, delivering benefits across several key areas: 

  • Precise temperature control safeguards your inventory and creates a comfortable work environment.
  • Reduced operating costs. Energy-efficient, targeted heating systems can significantly lower your utility bills compared to inefficient approaches.
  • Environmental responsibility. Optimised heating solutions reduce unnecessary energy consumption, decreasing your carbon footprint and helping you hit your sustainability goals.
  • Compliance and safety. A custom system can be designed to meet industry-specific regulations for temperature and humidity control.

Warm Air heating for Warehouses

Warm air heating systems are the ideal choice for large, open-plan spaces like warehouses. They bring in cool air from outside and pass it through a heat exchanger before using an integral circulation fan to distribute it through your space. 

This makes them a highly efficient option for warehouse heating, reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint at the same time. And by installing warm air heaters at strategic points throughout your warehouse, you can further improve the temperature control throughout your space.

Winterwarm air heating unit

Warehouse Destratification Solutions


Larger spaces like warehouses can struggle with destratification – hot air rises and gathers near the roof of your warehouse while areas nearer the ground remain cold. The result? Expensive energy bills with little impact on the comfort of your space.

Destratification fans are a perfect way to tackle this issue, blowing hot air down from the ceiling and ensuring it circulates evenly. This helps you deliver a consistent, even and comfortable temperature throughout your warehouse.

Our Preferred Warm Air Manufacturers

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Save Up To 30% On Your Energy Bills
With Our Warm Air Solutions

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Our Process


Initial Consultation


Pre-Installation Planning




Handover and Aftercare


Most warehouses are made up of large open-plan space  making heating a warehouse effectively & efficiently a challenging task. To recommend the best fit for your warehouse, our team will visit your site and assess your needs.

Any company that utilises warehouses or other storage facilities may require a suitable warehouse heating system to protect the quality and preservation of stock and to ensure a comfortable working environment for warehouse operatives.

Many companies are switching from gas to electric heating to meet sustainability goals. While electric heating offers an eco-friendly option, it requires sufficient on-site electricity and might have higher running costs compared to gas.

We offer both gas and electric warehouse heating solutions & provide comparative running cost analysis for each option. Our expertise ensures you choose the most efficient system for your needs. 

OKEL’s warehouse heating installation process is designed to ensure your needs are met with minimum disruption to your business processes and maximum attention to safety. Here’s a breakdown of how we deliver the perfect solution for your warehouse: 

  • Expert Site Survey: We assess your needs and existing system.
  • Custom Solutions & Quotes: Get tailored options with clear costs (financing available).
  • Transparent Costs: Understand estimated operating expenses for budgeting.
  • Safe Installation: We prioritise safety with detailed planning.
  • Minimal Disruption: We work with you to schedule installations conveniently.
  • Comprehensive Training: Your team receives thorough training on your new system.
  • Ongoing Support: We offer warranties, maintenance, and priority repairs.

Warehouse heating requires certified engineers (Gas Safe or NICEIC) based on your fuel choice. Our experienced and accredited teams excel at:

  • Efficient System Installation: Ensuring optimal performance.
  • Working at Height Expertise: Safe installation in your high-ceiling warehouse.


We prioritise safety and efficiency throughout the entire process.

Every warehouse heating solution we design, and install is tailored to our customers’ individual needs. Therefore, we are only able to provide you with a formal quotation after having attended the site in person or having received detailed information remotely relating to your individual project.

Warehouse heating installation times vary depending on project size and complexity. A simple system might take 1-2 days, while larger projects can take weeks.

Our Net Zero Commitment

With challenging targets being set by the government to steer the UK to net zero by 2050, it’s essential that as businesses we all do our part to achieve the stringent targets set out.

When planning our bespoke designs, we always have “Energy Saving” at the front of our mind which reassures you that your system is of the highest efficiency. This can play a key role in helping you showcase the steps you’re taking as a business to successfully achieve green accreditations and targets.