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  • Successfully designing and installing large scale factory heating systems across the UK.
  • Solutions bespoke to your individual requirements with comfort and energy efficiency at the heart of all designs.
  • Excellent relationships with industry leading heating manufacturers and access to their most advanced, energy efficient heating systems and controls.
  • Gas Safe and NICEIC electrical engineers that can deliver a one stop shop for your gas fired or electric heating designs and installations.
  • Experience with challenging poorly insulated buildings, new builds, and open plan areas of 100,000 sq ft.
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Why choose a High-Efficiency Heating System for my Factory?

Reduced energy costs

With the ever-increasing rise in the purchase price of fuel and soaring energy tariffs, now more than ever businesses must ensure that the existing heating systems in place are fit for purpose and of the highest efficiencies to prevent wasted energy and increased energy costs. 

Efficient temperature control

Many manufacturing industries, such as steel, moulding, and food manufacturing, are very much reliant on precise and consistent temperature control. Control is achieved through accurate heating of the areas and expensive plant machinery to ensure product quality and process efficiency. 

Fully compliant with temperature regulations

Temperatures in the indoor workplace are covered by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which place a legal obligation on employers to provide a ‘reasonable’ temperature in the workplace. 

The Approved Code of Practice suggests the minimum temperature in a workplace should normally be at least 16 degrees Celsius, if however, the work involves rigorous physical effort, the temperature should be at least 13 degrees Celsius. These temperatures are not absolute legal requirements; the employer has a duty to determine what reasonable comfort will be in the individual circumstance.

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Why put your trust in OKEL?

With energy tariffs continuing to soar, heating your factory can be amongst the biggest expenses you have and it’s essential that you have confidence in the company that you entrust to deliver your heating project so not to get it wrong. We have great experience in successfully designing and installing large scale factory heating systems across the UK, including challenging poorly insulated buildings, new builds, and open plan areas in excess of 100,000 sq ft.

Tailored designs for cost-effective solutions

Our designs are tailored to your individual requirements and with comfort and energy efficiency at the heart of all our designs to ensure a cost-effective solution and running costs kept to a minimum.

We are able to support you with estimated running costs of your new system so you can factor in ongoing operational costs and decision-making if  deciding between 2 different fuel types.

Skilled and experienced factory heating engineers

With commercial installation teams consisting of both Gas Safe and NICEIC electrical engineers, we can deliver a one stop shop for either gas fired or electric heating designs and installations so whatever your fuel preference we have a solution for you.

Proven success with clients

We can showcase our previous works by arranging visits to existing OKEL customer sites to see heating systems in operation that have been designed and installed by our team.

Relationships with quality manufacturers

Excellent relationships with industry leading heating manufacturers and with access to their most advanced, energy efficient heating systems and controls.

Quality care after installation

Continued support after the installation and offer annual maintenance checks to ensure your new heating system operates as effectively as when it was first installed and is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty terms and Gas Safety regulations.

How to Heat a Factory?

Delivering an efficient and effective heating solution for a large factory premises can present several challenges for our design team and it’s essential that great care and attention must be taken from the start to ensure we fully understand and deliver against your project brief.

To help our team identify the most efficient and effective form of Heating for your Factory there are several factors for OKEL to consider:

  • Age of the building and levels of insulation

  • Dimensions and maximum height to the apex

  • Ideal temperature for the customer to achieve quality manufacturing

  • Health and Safety guidance for working temperatures

  • Manufacturing processes and onsite machinery and whether these generate heat

  • Layout of the area; mezzanine floors, plant machinery and office space

  • Extraction systems

  • Fuel type available on site

  • Hours of operation

Great care must be taken to ensure that OKEL’s chosen design maximises efficiency by ensuring all the areas highlighted above are factored into the initial planning and design stages and that the equipment chosen for each customer project is of the highest efficiency and supported by intelligent self-optimising controls to achieve optimum performance throughout the year.

No matter what type of industry you are working in there are 2 main heating concepts to consider when looking at the most effective and efficient way to heat your factory; and these are Warm air and Radiant.

Benefits of Heating your Factory with Warm Air Heating?

The most modern and effective approach to heating large open plan space, OKEL specialises in the bespoke design and installation of warm air heating systems that work by warming the air within the area and utilising the heaters integral fans to move the warm air around to provide an even distribution of heat throughout the whole area.

  • Energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved with OKEL’s carefully thought-out warm air designs 

  • Natural Gas, LPG, and Electric Fuel Solutions Available

  • Erp Compliant in accordance with the latest Eco Design Directive

  • Fully modulating heaters that minimise energy usage by using only the necessary kws of heat to maintain a steady and desired temperature throughout the factory.  

  • Range of heater sizes to suit all size areas

  • Wall or Ceiling mount designs that will ensure the heaters are out of harm’s way whilst creating space on your factory floor

  • Excellent air flow – minimising hot and cold spots

  • Systems individually designed with combined destratification to maximise efficiency by delivering an even distribution of warm air and preventing heat loss from above. 

  • Horizontal and vertical air distribution to blow warm air in any direction

  • In addition to the heater’s functionalities, the heater model chosen has a summer ventilation mode to deliver continuous air circulation throughout the premises – perfect for the summer months.

  • Facility to connect to a Building Management System  

  • Intelligent user-friendly heater controls to deliver optimum performance and lower energy usage

  • Comprehensive manufacturers warranties to give continued peace of mind post installation

Benefits of Heating your Factory with Radiant Heating?

Perfect for spot heating particularly in poorly insulated open plan areas and provides an efficient and cost saving solution by heating only the people or objects that it meets. The effect of radiant heat is felt almost immediately and it ensures a long period of retained heat so that the tubes can be switched off well before the end of the working day, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution.

  • No air movement – perfect for dusty environments
  • Rapid heat up time and long periods of retained heat
  • Provides spot localised heating or complete coverage
  • Minimises heat losses in poorly insulated buildings
  • Does not directly heat the air – heats only people or objects that it encounters
  • Natural Gas, Electric and LPG fuel types
  • Low noise level
  • Low energy consumption

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How does factory heating installation work?

  • Your new installation will be in safe hands with our teams of highly skilled and Gas Safe & NICEIC registered commercial engineers who provide rigorous attention to detail and a flexible approach to your installation to ensure minimal disturbance to the day-to-day running of your business.
  • Our lead engineers each have over 25 years’ experience in their trade and our investment in experienced engineers ensures that your heating project will be completed to the highest quality standards, delivered on time, and within the rigorous health and safety protocols expected of our industry.

Can OKEL Upgrade Existing Factory Heaters?

OKEL will happily upgrade your existing factory heater systems. Whether you are looking to reduce operational costs by upgrading your no longer efficient existing heating system to a more modern and efficient heating system, or are considering switching fuel types to lower carbon emissions and achieve green business targets set, OKEL are here to offer our expertise and deliver a high efficiency alternative.

Some well known factory heater brands we can replace includes Winterwarm, Powrmatic, Reznor, Warmco, Combat, Benson, Harry Taylor, Ambi-rad and Space-Ray.

OKEL’s most popular Factory Heaters Include:

Winterwarm XR+ Gas Fired Unit Technically equipped for modern, industrial, and commercial buildings, due to reduced overall dimensions and vast application possibilities.
Warm Air Heater
Winterwarm TR Gas Fired Series Heater A reliable and robust heavy duty unit air heater that makes it an ideal heater model for heating factories and industrial space.
Winterwarm EH Electric air heater The EH electric air heater works in the exact same way as its gas fired equivalent and is perfect for premises with no available gas supply or those wanting a greener alternative to gas.
Winterwarm HR Condensing unit air heater A new generation condensing unit air heater which combines the efficiency of gas fired unit air heaters with energy savings and high comfort.
Space - Ray Radiant Tube Heaters Tube heaters have many applications from factories and warehouses to sports halls, aircraft hangars, supermarkets, exhibition halls and retail premises.
Winterwarm WCU Destratification Fan A compact destratification unit suitable for buildings with ceilings more than 5 meters in height.
Winterwarm ACM Air Curtain To further enhance the efficiencies of a factory heating system, OKEL recommends the installation of an air curtain when there are doors which remain open or are open and closed regularly due to site traffic.
Multi Them Controls To further enhance the efficiencies of the heaters, Winterwarm have developed a multi therm thermostat controller that optimizes the gradient control, modulating burner and fan speed.

Factory Heating Testimonials

“From initial contact to the commissioning team OKEL performed at every level to ensure the designed heating and destratification system was seamlessly installed throughout our factory. Working in partnership with both their heating and electrical engineers we incurred minimal disruptions to operations and with the majority of works conducted 15 metres above the whole factory. It was a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable and professional business and would highly recommend them.”

Phillip Ward – Operations Director – Strongdor

“Mark and his team were First Class. The heating system OKEL installed is extremely neat and works well and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies for industrial heating.”

Anthony Jewell – Managing Director  – Anilox Laser Technology

“After the initial installation we had some questions around the heater controls, OKEL were quick to provide support, and it was reassuring to know that the personalised customer service continued after the sale” 

Steve Connolly  – Operations Director – Downland Bedding

“Phil and Isaac were very pleasant to have on site, I wish everyone we dealt with worked as effectively and considerately as they did”

Adrian McGreevy – Managing Director – 2020 Fluid Power Products

Find the Perfect Factory Heating Solution

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