Hydrogen Ready Commercial Boilers & Plant Room Installations

By choosing to replace your old and outdated commercial boiler and hot water systems, enables you to achieve improved reliability, a reduction in energy bills / usage and improved boiler efficiencies that will lower your carbon  footprint.

OKEL’s commercial boiler installation teams have a wealth of experience designing and installing Commercial Boilers and Hot Water Plant Rooms across the UK. 

Our customers includes Care Homes, Schools and Colleges, Hotels, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Leisure Venues and all sizes of Commercial Space

We design the perfect high efficiency Commercial Boilers and Hot Water solutions for your work place...

Hydrogen Ready Boilers – capable of blending up to 30% Hydrogen with Natural Gas.

Highest efficiency boilers across Europe – up to 99.3% efficient 

Leading Commercial Boilers and Hot Water Manufacturers 

Wall mount or floor standing designs 

Combi Boilers, System Boilers and many more 

Comprehensive manufacturers warranties

Intelligent thermostat controls to optimise performance of your new systems

Natural Gas, LPG and Electric Solutions

Discover the Perfect Commercial Boiler & Hot Water Solution for you

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Reason’s to Upgrade your Commercial Boiler


Reduction in High Energy Bills

Modern boilers are more reliable and efficient and with substantial savings to be made if you switch to a high efficiency commercial boiler.


Improved Reliability

Older boilers will over time become more prone to break down.

As a result, the repairs can be very costly and replacement components become difficult to source for older boiler models.


Improved Boiler Efficiencies

Naturally the efficiency of a boiler will diminish with age, often old and obsolete boilers are now only operating at efficiency levels of between 50-70%, when compared to modern highly efficient boilers with gross efficiencies of up to 99.3%.


Environmentally Friendly

Hydrogen Ready boilers are already capable of blending 30% Hydrogen with Natural Gas

Helping to support the governments plans to de carbonise heat and hot water by 2050

Our Preferred Manufacturers Includes

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