Commercial Boiler Installation

Commercial Boiler Installation Services Across the UK

We provide commercial boiler installation services for all sized commercial buildings, such as office space, hotels, leisure centres, care homes, schools and universities. 

All commercial spaces should have a high efficiency commercial boiler solution adequately sized to deliver against the sites individual heating and hot water requirements.

Regular domestic boilers are simply not up to the task of heating your commercial property effectively. 

Commercial boilers offer improved performance and help to future-proof your business against rising energy costs, by improving efficiency across the board.

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Why Choose OKEL for Your Commercial Boiler Installation?

There are many reasons to choose OKEL for your commercial boiler installations including those described below by our satisfied customers:

Bespoke Commercial Boiler Installation Solutions

No two commercial boiler systems are alike, which is why we offer an installation and replacement service tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Our consultation process starts with an on-site meeting to discuss your unique requirements in terms of heating and hot water needs for your premises as well as a site survey to determine any local factors that can impact on your commercial heating needs. 

This allows us to design and install the perfect system to maximise efficiency and minimise future running costs.

A Personal Approach

We adopt a personal approach to every commercial boiler project, assigning an individual member of our team to act as your single point of contact and to ensure continuity throughout the installation process and a clear line of communication between you and our company.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Commercial Boiler Installations

The efficiencies of a commercial boiler will naturally diminish with age and with many ageing boilers operating at only 50-70% efficient and resulting in you finding yourself spending far more than you should on energy and heating bills. 

With a modern commercial boiler installation from OKEL, you will get a far more efficient system (99% efficiency and above) that will save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

Hydrogen-Ready Commercial Boiler Installations

To support the UK’s plans to be carbon neutral by 2050 we are proud to offer “Hydrogen Ready” commercial boilers and hot water systems through leading manufactures including ATAG Commercial and Rinnai that can blend up to 30% hydrogen with natural gas in readiness for this greener hybrid fuel becoming readily available throughout the UK’s gas networks. 

No Job Too Large or Small

At OKEL, we pride ourselves on delivering the same high standards of workmanship and customer service for every client that engages us. Whether you’re a local SME or a national blue-chip company, you can expect a first-rate installation job every time you call. 

We have experience with all sizes of plant room installations from a small GP surgery up to schools & colleges and residential care / nursing homes with 100+ ensuite bedrooms. 

Skilled and Experienced Commercial Heating Engineers

When you have a commercial boiler installed or replaced at your property, you want heating engineers that are up to the job. Each of OKEL’s Gas Safe registered engineers has a minimum of 25 years’ experience in their profession. 

This means you can expect a first-rate installation process, performed by a qualified and experienced expert.

Outright Purchase or Green Funding Business Lease Plans

Whether you prefer to pay outright for your new commercial boiler system or prefer to keep cash flow within your business by spreading the cost over a 5-year green funding lease plan, we have a payment option to suit you.

Benefits of a Commercial Boiler Upgrade

Fitting a new commercial boiler at your site has many advantages that when combined offer a significant return on investment. These are some of the most significant ones:

Reduced Business Energy Costs

A new modern and fully modulating commercial boiler is far more efficient than models that were installed 10-15 years ago. With far greater efficiencies, they require less energy to run at optimal performance, reducing your overall running costs.

Improved Efficiency

Even if your old boiler isn’t breaking down, it’s unlikely to be working as effectively as it did when it was first installed. Old and obsolete boilers typically operate at an efficiency level between 50 and 70%. A new commercial boiler fitted by OKEL, on the other hand, can boast a gross efficiency of up to 99.3%.

Greater Reliability

Like most pieces of machinery that are used on a day-to-day basis, commercial boilers become worn down over time. Components deteriorate through overuse and the system becomes more prone to breakdowns. Often, the cost of installing a new commercial boiler can significantly outweigh the repair costs required by your old boiler, especially over the long term.

Find the Perfect Commercial Boiler Solution

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What Does a Commercial Boiler Installation Involve?

Whether you’re having a commercial boiler installed from scratch or replacing your existing commercial heating system, we have our own process that we have developed and followed over the many years we have been trading and include the following:

1. Initial Consultation / Site Survey

We assign a project manager to your commercial boiler installation job who will act as your single point of contact throughout. They will meet with you on-site to take a tour of your premises and to discuss your heating and hot water requirements in greater detail to enable us to design a professional high efficiency solution that delivers against your individual site’s needs.

2. Solutions and Quotations

Following the site survey our team of experts will design a high efficiency commercial boilers solution that delivers against all your commercial heating requirements identified during OKEL’s initial site survey. A detailed proposal will then be prepared and sent to you, describing the benefits of our proposed design and an estimate (including both an outright purchase and green funding lease option) for the works to be carried out.

Your project manager will then follow this up with a call to discuss the proposal in more detail and to answer any questions that you may have. Once you agree to an approach, we can then move on to planning the installation phase.

3. Pre-Installation Planning

Our installation teams endeavour to complete works at a time to suit you to minimise disruption to the day to day running of your business. Prior to works commencing our lead installation engineer assigned to your project will carry out a final site inspection to sign of all works proposed and to capture all relevant information that is to be documented within the detailed risk assessments and method statements that we prepare in advance to protect your employees and site visitors, as well as our own team.

4. Commercial Boiler Installation

The details of the installation process will be included in the initial proposal that you receive and generally involves removing the old boiler and heating system (where appropriate) and fitting the new plant room equipment. Our engineers work quickly and efficiently, armed with years of experience and the very best tools and materials.

5. Commissioning and Handing Over

Once we have fitted your commercial boiler systems to manufacturers guidance and gas safety regulations, we will provide rigorous testing before the final system commissioning takes place (Non-domestic gas safety commissioning certificate will be issued on project completion).

Nominated staff members will then be invited by our lead engineer to attend a demonstration of the systems controls and this will be further supported by electronic user / maintenance guides for your records.

6. Aftercare

We don’t believe that our duty of care ends once your commercial boiler has been fitted. We offer a full aftercare package to all clients, including annual gas safety servicing and repair services. This along with your comprehensive manufactures parts and labour warranty provides additional peace of mind for all customers.

Commercial Boiler Installation Testimonials

We received an excellent service from OKEL. Managing Director, Engineers and their customer operations Manager were timely, kept us up to date throughout the whole process, friendly and professional and the commercial boiler installation is of a high quality. I would highly recommend.”

Carl Holton – Compliance Manager – Davison’s Solicitors Ltd

I would highly recommend OKEL who provided a new boiler for our office. They provided a smooth and professional service from start to finish. They even tidied up afterwards and took our old boiler away!

Suzanne Fulton – Business Centre Manager – Mersey Maritime

Can I say how professional Phil and his team were when installing our new commercial boiler, they really did go above and beyond to ensure as smooth as possible.

Nikki Boardman – Office Manager – Beaver and Struthers Accountancy Firm

Find the Perfect Commercial Boiler Solution

Contact our team to discuss your project requirements

Commercial Boiler Installation Case Studies

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Commercial Boiler Installation FAQs

Types of Commercial Boilers Used by OKEL

We design the perfect commercial boilers and hot water solutions for your place of work, each one optimised to deliver optimal energy efficiency. We use hydrogen-ready boilers, which can blend up to 30% hydrogen along with natural gas, reducing your running costs. These are the highest-efficiency commercial boilers available throughout Europe, consistently delivering up to 99.3% efficiency.

We install the very latest models from some of the leading manufacturers in the commercial boiler and hot water industry. These include:

  • ATAG Commercial
  • Rinnai
  • Ideal
  • Worcester Bosch Group
  • Hamworthy
  • Vaillant
  • Baxi

We offer combi-boilers and system boilers, in both wall-mounted and floor-standing designs, depending on the needs of your system. All our models come with comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties as standard.

Your project manager will be able to recommend the right commercial boiler for your system once they have had their initial consultation with you.

Who can benefit from a commercial boiler installation or replacement?

Commercial boiler installations aren’t limited to large-scale commercial and industrial premises. 

We have worked with numerous businesses and organisations, providing the same high-quality service to schools, colleges, and universities, as well as residential care homes, offices, sports and entertainment venues, hotels, leisure centres, public and government buildings, hospitals, medical centres, GP surgeries, and retail outlets. 

If your property is too large for a domestic boiler to adequately heat, a commercial boiler installation may be the answer for you.

How long is a commercial boiler likely to last for?

If you service it regularly and perform the appropriate maintenance, you can expect your commercial boiler to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years – perhaps even longer. For maximum efficiency, it’s generally advisable to replace any commercial boiler that has been in operation for longer than 15 years.

How much does a commercial boiler installation cost?

There are many variables involved in commercial boiler installations. Some businesses require a simple switching of one boiler for another whilst others involve ripping out an entire heating system and replacing it from scratch. 

When you have your initial consultation, we will discuss what you want from your new commercial boiler installation and from there we will be able to produce an accurate quote for the work.

What is a commercial boiler?

A commercial boiler is a pressurised heating system that uses electricity or combustible fuel (depending on the model) to heat water for various applications in a commercial or industrial building. Any boiler that has a net energy input above 70kw is considered a commercial boiler.

What is the difference between a combi boiler and a system boiler?

Although visually the 2 types of boiler systems appear very similar on the surface, they are in fact very different in terms of how they function and what they can achieve – a combi boiler for example is able to provide instant heating and hot water, however this does mean that the amount of hot water it can produce is far less as it doesn’t have a separate cylinder to store hot water. 

Whilst a system boiler works in conjunction with a hot water storage cylinder and can store vast amount of water and therefore more suited to larger premises or those with a greater demand for hot water supply.  

Who uses a commercial boiler?

Any commercial or industrial property can make use of a commercial boiler, including factories, warehouses, offices, leisure centres, and retail outlets. Other large premises, such as schools, colleges, and universities, care homes, and public buildings, also make use of commercial boilers.

Why do I need to fit a commercial boiler?

If you try to heat a commercial-size property using a domestic boiler, you will find yourself spending more money that you need to. A domestic boiler doesn’t have the power to heat a commercial building anywhere near as efficiently as it needs to.

Not only will you need to run the boiler for longer to achieve poorer results, but this also leads to more wear and tear on the boiler components, leading to more repair costs and replacement costs over time. 

A commercial boiler installation can remedy all of that, providing you with significant savings in energy costs and maintenance in the long term.

Who can install a commercial boiler?

Only Gas Safe registered engineers qualified and accredited to work on commercial premises can install commercial boiler systems.

This ensures they have the necessary experience, training, and qualifications to choose the right boiler for your commercial premises and most importantly to provide you with a quality and safe installation.

Whilst some plumbers may be able to handle so-called “wet work” such as replacing traditional heating system pipes and radiators, the boiler itself should only be dealt with by an expert.

How long does a commercial boiler installation take?

Depending on the extent of the project, a commercial boiler installation can take anything from a couple of days to a few weeks. We do all we can to plan any boiler installation around your business, to minimise any disruption for you, your staff, and your customers.

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