LPG Warm Air Heating & Destratification Solution

Taskers Sports

Case Study

Customer :- Taskers Sports

Location of installs:- Aintree, Liverpool

Solutions :- LPG warm air heating & destratification solution

Premises type:- Large retail unit

Date of project :- September 2023

Warm ait heating unit

Taskers Sports' Requirements

The large open-plan retail premises had previously been heated by 4 x now obsolete LPG-fuelled warm air heaters which due to their age had become unreliable and costly to run due to a reduction in the efficiency levels of the heaters over the years.

As there is no natural gas supply on site it was essential that a new heating solution could continue to be fuelled by the customer’s LPG bulk storage tank and the customer also wanted the facility to manually override the heater controls remotely.

Warm Air Heating Unit Installed in Taskers Sports Shop

Our Process


Initial Consultation


Pre-Installation Planning




Handover and Aftercare

OKEL’s Solution

When designing the new heating system for Taskers Sports as well as maintaining a temperature that allowed for a pleasurable shopping experience, we had to ensure the heater and fan types chosen would not look out of place or cause noise disturbance in a retail environment.

We chose to install 2 x Winterwarm TR model heaters given that the sound level is considerably lower than that of the XR+ model heater and is, therefore, more suited to a retail environment as opposed to industry and with the heaters supported by the introduction of 2 x WCU40 fans positioned high in the apex of the building so not to cause a draught effect.

Warm Air Heating Unit Installed in Taskers Sports Shop

To support the customer’s request for remote access to be able to override the heater thermostat and to turn the heaters on / off, 3rd party controls were paired with the manufacturer’s thermostatic heater controller.

Taskers Results

OKEL’s installation team worked closely with Tasker’s management and retail staff to ensure that the system could be fully installed and commissioned during the store opening hours without compromising the safety of its customers.

All works were completed to schedule with the new heating system being fully operational in time for the winter months.

Taskers Sports Testimonial

Neil Tasker
Neil TaskerDirector
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“I contacted OKEL looking to replace the no longer efficient/effective heating system at Taskers Sports – From the initial site survey Mark was on hand to provide valuable information as to the most cost-effective and efficient heaters that would allow us to continue with an LPG-fuelled heating solution and to advise on the most effective destratification fans that would not appear out of place or cause noise disturbance in a retail environment. The installation took place during Taskers Sports business hours, a neat installation, and all went timely and to plan with experienced heating engineers carrying out the work and detailed rams followed to ensure a safe environment for everyone present on-site. Since the new heating system has been installed, I have had a few questions regarding the heater setup and controls and it’s great to see that the level of professionalism and customer service continues after the sale. I would not hesitate to use OKEL again and highly recommend”