Sait Abrasives (UK)

Commercial Warm Air Heating Services and Warehouse Heating Solutions

Date of Project: August 2019 

Client: Sait Abrasives (UK) 

Location: Leicester&

Our client Sait Abrasives are one of the most important companies on the European and world scene to produce rigid and flexible abrasives for industrial use. OKEL were first contacted by Sait Abrasives in July 2019 by our client who was looking to upgrade the heating system within their large open plan premises that was used for both manufacturing and storage of abrasives products.

At the time of contacting OKEL our client was heating the premises with 5 obsolete natural gas fired warm air heaters (2 of which were no longer operational) and an old and no longer effective destratification system at ceiling height. Due to natural aged related wear and tear the now obsolete warm air heaters and destratification fans were no longer providing our client with the reliability and efficiency that they required from a heating solution and replacement components were becoming difficult to source when repairs were necessary.

It was also important for the quality of the abrasives stored in the premises that the temperature did not fall below 10°C.

OKEL Solution

OKEL attended site to meet with our client’s Managing Director to fully understand the heating requirements for Sait Abrasives and to complete a detailed heating survey of the premises to identify the most effective and efficient heating solution available.

Considering all the findings from the survey OKEL recommended that our client introduced a high efficiency wall mounted warm air and destratification heating solution that would be fuelled by the existing natural gas supply and would consist of 4 x 60 kw fully modulating suspended warm air heaters with integral axial fans.

To support the heaters integral axial fans OKEL’s design introduced 8 standalone destratification fans to be evenly spread at ceiling height. Destratification works by recognising when the temperature gradient becomes too hot at ceiling height and forces the warm air back down to the lower level where it’s of most benefit. 

In addition to the destratification benefits mentioned above, destratification can also provide summer ventilation when the outside temperatures start to rise helping to deliver a flow of cooler air in the warmer summer months.

The Carbon Trust estimates that the use of destratification fans in industrial buildings with high ceilings and operating a warm air heating system can reduce energy consumption by a further 20%.

To ensure the warm air heaters delivered optimum performance they would be individually controlled by a multi-functional thermostatic controller which benefits from functionalities such as frost protection, keyboard locking, overtime programme, 10 programmable time blocks, summer ventilation mode and facility to connect to a BMS system

An expertly designed warm air and destratification system can reduce energy consumption by up to

0 %

Installation and hand over

All works were completed by our chosen team of commercial gas safe heating engineers and included the decommissioning and taking down of the obsolete heaters. 

The positioning of the heaters was agreed between our client and lead engineer to determine the most even spread of heat whilst taking into consideration our client’s preferences.

The installation was completed in September 2019 and upon project completion our client received a full handover to ensure staff were confident on the capabilities of the heaters and able to maximise the efficiencies by effective use of the intelligent thermostatic heater controls.

Electronic Gas Safe commissioning certification was forwarded to our client on project completion.