Case Study for Manchester Precision Engineering

Warm Air Factory Heating 

MPE needed a smart solution to keep consistent temperatures in their 36,500m³ factory.

MPE’s Problem

Manchester Precision Engineering were looking to upgrade their existing radiant system with a like for like radiant system to heat their factory of 36,500m³.

Manchester Precision are a manufacturer of steel components that include components for military aircraft and nuclear power. As part of the manufacturing process, steel components are transported around the factory. Due to the precision of the manufacturing its necessary that the temperature doesn’t fall below 20°C at any point throughout the day or night so not to impact the quality of the steel.

OKEL’s Solution

OKEL’s Director visited site to meet with MPE, to fully understand their heating requirements and complete a survey of the premises to identify the most effective solution.

Considering all the findings from the site visit and temperature requirements set out by our client, OKEL proposed replacing the radiant heating system with a modern high efficiency warm air and destratification solution.

OKEL’s design introduced 1,000kW of heat into the premises with the introduction of 8 high efficiency suspended warm air heaters designed specifically for heating large industrial spaces. 

Due to the maximum ceiling height of 11m, it was important to provide a solution that ensured warm air from the heaters remained on the lower ground where it’s of most benefit to the work force and production.

An expertly designed warm air and destratification system can reduce energy consumption by up to

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Warm air heating unit for Manchester Precision Engineering
warm air heaters in factory sealed

All Aspects Covered

The integral destratification axial fans would force the warm air back down to the lower level once the gradient controls and temperature sensors had identified high ceiling temperatures. 

In addition to the heaters integral fans, OKEL’s design included 14 industrial destratification fans which were evenly distributed at ceiling height to assist with an even spread of heat.

The Carbon Trust estimates that the use of destratification fans in industrial buildings with high ceilings and operating a warm air heating system can reduce energy consumption by 20%.

Destratification can also provide summer ventilation when the outside temperatures start to rise, helping to deliver a cooling solution in the summer months.

MPE’s Results

At Manchester Precision’s request, some of the works were scheduled outside of their core working hours so not to interfere with the manufacturing processes taking place on the ground floor. 

The installation was completed in good time and upon project completion MPE received a full handover to ensure staff were confident on the capabilities of the heaters and able to maximise the efficiencies by effective use of the intelligent thermostatic heater controls.

Electronic Gas Safe commissioning certification was forwarded to our client on project completion. All of our projects are expertly designed to suit your business’ needs. Whether that’s heating a large warehouse at a consistent temperature, or tackling older buildings with poor insulation. OKEL will have a factory heating solution for you.

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