Commercial Heating and Cooling Solutions

Case Studies

Discover Real-World Success with Our Commercial Heating and Cooling Projects:

We’re proud of our extensive experience in delivering effective heating and cooling solutions for a variety of commercial establishments. Our portfolio includes but is not limited to renowned restaurants, car showrooms, sports halls, golf courses and more. We’ve ensured optimal temperature control and enhanced comfort. Explore our case studies to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours achieve superior climate management.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Installations

Don’t let a faulty system disrupt your commercial space. We specialise in heating and cooling solutions for various facilities. Our experienced technicians ensure a smooth transition to a reliable and efficient air conditioning and warm air system by assessing your unique needs and recommending the perfect solution for your venue. Take a look at our case studies below.

Taskers Sports

Case study: Commercial Heating & Cooling
Industry: Retail Heating

Elif Restaurant

Case study: Commercial Heating & Cooling
Industry: Restaurant & Hospitality

The Motor Family

Case study: Commercial Warm Air Heating
Industry: Retail Heating

Medstrom LTD

Case study: Air Conditioning Working Area
Industry: Commercial Cooling & Heating

GKR Karate

Case study: Air conditioning to Heat & Cool Industry: Office Space Cooling

Medstrom LTD

Case study: Air Conditioning Heat & Cool
Industry: Commercial Cooling

Our Net Zero Commitment

With challenging targets being set by the government to steer the UK to net zero by 2050, it’s essential that as businesses we all do our part to achieve the stringent targets set out.

When planning our bespoke designs, we always have “Energy Saving” at the front of our mind which reassures you that your system is of the highest efficiency. This can play a key role in helping you showcase the steps you’re taking as a business to successfully achieve green accreditations and targets.