A commercial boiler installation for a Cheshire care home

A residential care home in Cheshire needed an efficient and reliable heating solution.

The Cheshire care home’s problem

Our customer is a care home in the Cheshire area that provides nursing and dementia residential care for up to 30 elderly residents.

Given the age and vulnerability of their residents, providing a warm and comfortable environment was key. Older people are generally less active, so they feel the cold more easily. A lack of consistent heating can easily impact their health and wellbeing, as well as their overall quality of life. To avoid this, the care home required their heating system to be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The care home also needed a reliable, temperature-controlled supply of hot water to safeguard the personal hygiene of the care home’s residents, visitors, and staff, as well as the overall cleanliness of the premises. This was vital to combating the spread of germs that could prove harmful to the residents, as well as viruses such as COVID-19.

Meeting these requirements was essential to delivering a high standard of care as well as the complex and strict regulatory requirements of the care sector. However, keeping the boilers operating continuously while delivering against the care home’s financial targets was a major challenge – and their existing boilers were not helping.

Unfortunately, while their existing boilers were still operational, they were affected by age-related wear and tear that impacted their functioning. They were estimated to be only 60% efficient, wasting approximately 40% of energy usage and associated energy costs. This represented a significant cost to the care home – and it was likely to worsen over time.

Nurturing Comfort for Vulnerable Lives.

OKEL Solution

After consulting with the care home and assessing their needs, OKEL decided to replace the current boilers with two highly efficient ATAG Commercial Q60SR system boilers. These were chosen specifically for their excellent low energy consumption and high-quality components.

The ATAG QR Series provides the following benefits:

  • A-rated for energy efficiency, resulting in reduced costs and lower CO2 emissions.
  • Durable materials and long-life stainless-steel heat exchanger to provide maximum efficiency for the lifetime of the boiler.
  • Achieves maximum BREEAM points for low emissions.
  • Hydrogen blends ready for when this greener hybrid fuel type becomes readily available throughout the UK’s gas distribution networks.

Given the care home’s need for continuous heating and ready access to hot water, the overall efficiency and reliability of the ATAG QR series of boilers made them the ideal choice.

The results

When it came to installing the care home’s new boilers it was imperative that any periods without heating and hot water were kept to an absolute minimum to protect the comfort and wellbeing of the elderly and vulnerable residents.

New boilers and hot water systems for Woolton Golf Course

To achieve this OKEL’s lead gas installer conducted a pre-installation site visit to determine the best approach for the switchover. The overall installation process was quite complex and involved decommissioning and removal of the existing boiler systems, pipework and flue alterations, and installation of the 2 new ATAG commercial boiler systems.

Thanks to our detailed consultation process we were able to keep the outage to an absolute minimum during the installation. Care home staff were notified in advance of planned outage so they were able to prepare the residents and ensure that any outage did not interfere with their day-to-day tasks. All works were completed to schedule and with commercial Gas Safe commissioning certification issued to our customer upon project completion.

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OKEL has been delivering cutting-edge commercial boiler installations and cooling solutions across the UK for the past 25 years. We have helped customers across a range of industries, including care homes, warehouses and leisure clubs, to improve their efficiency and reduce their energy consumption.

Thanks to our highly experienced team of engineers, we’re able to deliver a fully personalised service for every customer. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a custom-designed solution that fits your exact needs.

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To see more examples of how we’ve helped our customers reduce their energy spending and limit their environmental impact, explore our other case studies. Or if you’d like to discuss your needs with a member of our expert team, get in touch today.

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