Case Study for Cheshire Care Home, Cheshire

Boiler Installation and Plant Room Upgrade

Commercial Boiler Installation

Date: August 2020

Location: Cheshire

Customer Brief

Our customer provides nursing and dementia residential care for up to 30 elderly residents.

At the time of OKEL’s survey, the heating and hot water facility were supplied by 2 x CX170 Concord boilers. Although both boilers were fully operational and providing sufficient heat, our customer had raised concerns in relation to the supply of hot water.

Due to natural aged, related wear and tear, the existing boilers were estimated to be 60% efficient, wasting approximately 40% of energy usage and associated energy costs.

Wasted energy can be very costly for a business, especially a care home where the boilers have to operate 24/7 365 days a year to ensure sufficient heating and hot water for elderly residents.

OKEL Solution

Challenges within a Care Home

Due to the age and vulnerability of many care home residents, care home providers face daily challenges in providing care facilities that perform against all the safety standards and regulations set by authorities and health officials whilst still delivering against operational/financial targets.

As expected, elderly people are not as active in their later years and tend to feel the cold more than others, it is therefore essential that to prevent illness care homes provide a warm and comfortable environment for residents by running heating systems 24/7 365 days a year.

As important as the need to provide heat, it is also essential that care homes provide continuous supplies of temperature controlled hot water to assist with the personal hygiene of residents, staff, and visitors, and to maintain overall cleanliness throughout the care home by helping to combat germs and the spread of infectious viruses/bacteria’s such as covid-19 and legionella (the latter often associated with inadequate hot water storage). 

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cheshire care home
ATAG case study

Commercial Boilers Solution – ATAG Q60S Model

Taking into consideration all the findings and challenges faced by the care home, OKEL chose to replace the current boilers with 2 x highly efficient ATAG Commercial Q60SR system boilers chosen specifically for their excellent low energy consumption and high-quality components.

The ATAG QR Series boilers were chosen for this project for the following reasons: –

  • “A” rated system boiler that will provide high-efficiency heating and subsequently lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Industry-leading boiler with the ability to provide fast and plentiful hot water.
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Durable materials and long-life stainless-steel heat exchanger to provide maximum efficiency for the lifetime of the boiler.
  • Achieves maximum BREEAM points for low emissions.
  • Future Proof – The ATAG Q boiler is Hydrogen Ready and designed and capable of blending up to 20% Hydrogen with natural gas for when this greener hybrid fuel type becomes readily available throughout the UK’s gas distribution networks.

Care Home Heating Installation and Hand Over

It was imperative that any periods without heating and hot water were kept to an absolute minimum to protect the comfort and wellbeing of the elderly and vulnerable residents.

To minimise outage OKEL’s lead gas installer completed a follow-up pre-installation site visit prior to the installation to fully determine the best approach for the switch over to include the decommissioning and removal of the existing boiler systems, pipework and flue alterations and installation of the 2 new ATAG commercial boiler systems.

Throughout the commercial boiler installation, the outage was kept to an absolute minimum and care home staff notified in advance so they were able to prepare the residents and ensure that any outage did not cause interference with planned activities/day to day tasks.

All works were completed to schedule and Commercial Gas Safe commissioning certification issued to our customer upon project completion.

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