Efficient Air Conditioning Design, Installation and Service

OKEL have a wealth of experience Designing and Installing Workplace Air Conditioning Solutions Nationwide.

Helping businesses to create and maintain a comfortable environment for staff and visitors all throughout the year, keeping your workplace cool in the summer months and warm in the winter.

OKEL’s customers include: Care Homes, Retail, Data Centres, Offices, Function Rooms and all sizes of Commercial Space.

No matter what your requirements are OKEL have the perfect solution for you

Discover the Perfect Air Conditioning Solution for you

Why Choose an Air Conditioning Solution?


Temperature Control

Air conditioning can maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature all year round. Although most people think air conditioning is only of benefit in the summer months it can also warm the air during the winter.


Happy and Productive Work Force

It’s a proven that a comfortable working temperature will lead to a far happier and productive work force.


Energy Efficient

Modern air conditioning systems are built to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. By installing a modern system, you will see a reduction in your energy bills whilst lowering your company’s carbon footprint


Air Quality

The workplace can be a breeding ground for coughs and colds which in turn increases employee absenteeism and affects productivity levels. Thankfully air conditioning units features filters that purify the air and reduce bacteria, dust particles, odours and potential allergens.


Protects Equipment

Many workplaces have technology and equipment that generates lots of heat from its motors. Air conditioning can remove the unwanted heat and humidity to provide the necessary protection.

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